*J. M. WESTON Full Wing-Tip Oxford Brogue – Richelieu: 45-45.5D


SOLD to Herrn A. Z., Swiss
  • J. M. Weston
    Full Wing-Tip Oxford Brogue – Richelieu
    Euro 650

    Weston is one of the few French firms of quality to continue to produce or offer ready-to-wear shoes actually made in France. The others are Charvet, Heschung, Corthay, Fenestrier, Vaneau but, against the convention wisdom, not Aubercy or Berluti. J.M. Weston was founded by Édouard Blanchard in 1891, in Limoges and all production continues to takes place at a single factory in Limoges using traditional techniques from extra-slow vegetable tanning to the final hand-crafting of their famous men’s shoes, thus distinguishing them as one of the few shoemakers who own ever step of their operation from tanning to retail sales. Weston maintains a presence in London too. They moved in recent years from their well known Burlington Gardens shop to their new and larger quarters at 60 Jermyn St., amid the many other famous traditional shoemakers of London.

    The present shoe, a Full Wing-Tip Brogue Oxford or “Richelieu”, is a very finely made classic model, fundamental to the gentleman’s wardrobe. A $950 plus tax retail value.

    Size Details:

    Marked 11E (UK), thus US 11.5D, Continental 45-45.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Neuwertig, like new. Soles showing only the slightest rubbing, consistent with two or three wearings. Fitted with a non-slip full rubber heel showing no apparent wear.


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