*Important – Pre-War BANISTER SHOES Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue, Circa 1935: US 9-9.5C/D (42-42.5C/D)


SOLD to Mr. W. M., Johannisburg, S.A.
  • Banister Shoes
    Est. 1854, San Francisco
    Vintage Pre-War, Circa 1930,Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue

    Euro 420

    This shoes may very well be a special order by Hasting’s erstwhile shoe department from Banister’s custom workrooms. The super-closely stitched welt and the curved instep suggest a custom build.  In any case, this is an exceptionally well made shoe in the tradition of the first part of the century. A traditional model, but, in its details and over-all impression, absolutely signaling its vintage character.  A classic business or semi-dress shoe but one of supreme elegance.

    Interestingly, both Hastings and Banister began in business in the mid-19th century, although James  A. Banister was a bespoke shoemaker since the 1830s. The Banister firm was dissolved in August 1930 due to ill health of the founder and the difficulty competing its painstakingly, mostly hand made product with modern, machine-made factory output then coming on the market. The remnants of the company were bought by Stetson Shoes.

    Size Details:

    US 9D-9.5C......UK 8E-8.5D......Continental 42D-42.5C

    Shoe Condition:

    This is a very beautiful shoes and apart from trivial flaws, The original soles show very little wear and the heels the slightest rounding. As fine an example of a vintage shoe as we are likely to see again.

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