*Historic “Yuma” FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Black Shell Cordovan Loafer: 43-43.5E


VENDU à Monsieur R. S., Paris
  • Florsheim Imperial
    BLACK Shell Cordovan High-Vamp Loafer
    Euro 440

    This is Florsheim’s much-loved and much sought-after signature High-Vamp Loafer, a loafer like no other; the hand-sewn moccasin vamp almost meets the welt in front and is anchored to the sides with a binding that sends Alden’s loafer to school.

    Florshiem was Horween’s number one shell cordovan client for most of the 20th century, out-buying all other customers put together, so the quality of this cordovan can be said to be, simply, the best. This shoe may be as late as the 1980’s but the model was already in evidence in the 1950’s. A classic, an antique, for the Florsheim lover a historic collectors item, rarer today than any other Florsheim shoe, including the ultra-rare alligators –the last one I personally have seen was over two years ago- in short, the last word in a Florsheim cordovan and, yes, it is just a simple loafer, but it is the rarest one you will ever own and one of the most beautiful.

    Size Details:

    10E US.....9F UK.....Continental: 43-43.5E, for the medium to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb! Newly restored with new additional thin rubber sole added to original Goodyear welted sole and new McAfee dove-tailed combination heels. Not worn since.

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