*Historic FLACK & SMITH Bespoke Spade Sole, High Button Shoes (Boots) Circa, 1910: UK 5E/F (38D/E)


  • Flack & Smith
    Historic Bespoke Shoemakers
    30, Davis Street, Berkley Square
    Cap-Toe Brogue, Spade Sole, High Button Shoe.
    Circa 1910-20

    Euro 1280

    Flack & Smith, bespoke shoemakers were in operation in London and Oxford at least until the late 1940s or 1950. Little other information appears to be available. I would be obliged to anyone shedding greater light on their history. Indeed, this is a wearable museum piece that might easily take its place among the very few other examples of the masters’ work in the Cordwainers College Historic Shoe Collection.

    High button shoes (thought of today as boots) followed the Balmoral boot into fashion because, it is said, of Queen Victoria’s fondness for them. They remained in fashion, at least among the upper classes, into the early 20th century, by which time the low cut shoes we wear today (in Europe referred to, tellingly, as the “half shoe”) came to dominate the scene.

    High button shoes have seen a resurgence in popularity today and many lovely examples are being offered by a wide variety of shoemakers, not least, Aubercy, Bonafe, Cleverley, Foster & Son, Lobb, Maftei, and St. Crispin but, finally, the originals of the last century remain the ne plus ultra for the collector. This is such a shoe. For the advanced collector.

    Size Details:

    38D/E....UK 5E/F....US 6D/E

    Shoe Condition:

    Bottoms showing trivial wear, Tops fine. A remarkably fine, all original example of a rare antique shoe. .Sold without trees.

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