*Historic FLACK & SMITH Bespoke Shoemakers, Full Brogue Spectator: US 9-9.5C/D (42-42.5C/D)


  • Flack & Smith
    Historic Bespoke Shoemakers
    30, Davis Street, Berkley Square
    Full Brogue Oxford Spectators

    Euro 680

    Flack & Smith, bespoke shoemakers were in operation in London and Oxford at least until the late 1940s or 1950. Little other information appears to be available. I would be obliged to anyone shedding greater light on their history. Indeed, this is a wearable museum piece that might easily take its place among the very few other examples of the masters’ work in the Cordwainers College Historic Shoe Collection. There is no more rare shoe in the history of 20th Century English shoemaking. A beautifully made and nicely restored Brown Caflskin over Brown suede, the welt of this spectator is suitably hand-sewn into a closed channel. The slim, elegant line of this shoe will compliment any wearer. For the advanced collector.

    Size Details:

    42D-42.5C…..9D-9.5C US…..8E-8.5D UK, for the medium 42 or the slightly narrower 42.5

    Shoe Condition:

    Bottoms showing little or no wear. Tops good, normal creasing.

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