*HARTT Canada, CAMEL SKIN Derby: US 7D (40 D)


  • The Hartt Shoe Company
    Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
    Vintage Special Order Derby
    Genuine Camel Hide
    Circa 1980

    Euro 480

    The Hartt Shoe company was the best Canadian shoemaker until its closure in 1999, its products comparable to the US producers Allen Edmonds and Alden and was known for the wide variety of leathers they put to use, including seal, water buffalo, alligator and, as seen here, real camel hide. Their tall brown riding boots made for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are famous and collected today. In 1957, Hart was bought by the much larger Dack’s and began to produce a variety of models for them until 1999 when their Smythe Street factory in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in which they had continued to operate even after their acquisition, closed it doors forever. The North American Free Trade Agreement had caused the market to be swamped with cheap American imports, all but destroying the Canadian shoe industry.

    Hartt produced more than one quality of shoes in their last decades but their best products were of superlative quality, made in large part by hand and costing over $600 in 1990 dollars, which would be well over $1000 today, with special order exotic leathers such as these Camel Derbys sold at a further premium. A wearable collectors item!

    Size Details:

    US 7D…..UK 6E….Continental 40D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent, near new. A thin rubber “Topy” sole has been added to protect the original leather sole which can be expected to show no wear. The “Biltright” heels are original too and show trivial wear, thus, overall, near new, neuwertig!


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