+New-FOSTER RAINEY ALL-WEATHER Monk Strap Derby: 41D (US 8D)


  • Foster Rainey
    All-Weather, Monk Strap Derby
    Euro 380

    The closure of these shoes, a strap over lacing, is reminiscent of certain pre-war officers’ boots (both tall boots and chukka boots). These shoes are relatively modern but some clever designer was doing his history homework; a very pleasing design.

    Foster Rainey was a short lived American brand (1994 to 2006) of no particular distinction. To my knowledge, they never actually produced shoes but imported and rebranded jobber products. To their credit, they are known for choosing or actually commissioning more than usually interesting designs -the current shoe, for example- and are known for their use of exotic leathers. Build quality varies with the source jobber. I would put this pair, with its quite good all rubber soles and heels, in the “better” category.

    Size Details:

    (US 8D) (UK 7E) Continental 41D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New ans unworn.

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