*FINE – Vintage Bespoke JOHN LOBB Brogued Monk Strap Kiltie Loafer: 41.5D (US 8.5D)


  • John Lobb
    St. James, London
    Bespoke Brogued Monk Strap, Kiltie Loafer
    Circa 1980
    Euro 680

    The present shoe dates from the 1980s, and is, in my opinion, one of the most unusual models produced by this good shoemaker, an exceeding fancy loafer obviously made to the specifications of a very particular client. Notice the shape of the wing-tip, the perforations at the margin of the kiltie and, of course, the strap and buckle. Nothing is missing on this shoe. This goes far beyond any ordinary loafer both in form and build quality. Very nice too, to find it in this small size….doubly rare!

    For the gentleman who would consider owning such a shoe, nothing need be added about the shoemaker, except to say that there is little comparison between this shoe and modern Lobbs, even the bespoke variety. If you have not experienced a great custom-made shoe in the old style, one that today would be in the Euro 4000 category -the fit, the feel, the cradling of the foot- here is an opportunity to do so at little cost.

    Size Details:

    As a custom-made shoe this is unmarked as to size but consistent with a UK 7-7.5E......US 8-8.5D.......Continental 41-41.5D 7-7.5D.......European 40-40.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Recently restored with low-profile "Vibram" brand rubber sole and non-slip rubber tips to the slightly raised Cuban style heels.....and never worn since. With new fitted 2-way Cedar wood Shoe Trees.

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