*Fine Pre-War STACY-ADAMS, Hand-Sewn, Cap-Toe Oxford: 42C


  • Hand Sewn, 6-Eyelet, Cap-Toe Oxford
    Circa 1935-40
    Euro 480

    The handwork in this shoe, up to and including the hand-sewn sole, is a testament to the skill of this artisan and a compelling example of traditional shoemaking at its very finest. Overall this degree of hand work is rarely if ever seen today. The 1000 Euro ready-mades of Lobb and Green and Weston do not compare to this shoe. As seen by the contrasting hand-sewing of the sole to welt, this is 19th century hand craftsmanship, harkening to pre-Goodyear Welting. The overall appearance of this shoe is one of ultimate elegance. This is the last word in daytime dress for the gentleman who’s has the good fortune to be this size.

    Size Details:

    US 9C.....UK 8D.....Continental 42C, for the somewhat narrower foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Original sole and heel, very lightly worn. Although at least 60 years old, these shoes show trivial effects of age or wear.

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