*Fine – FLORSHEIM Imperial SHELL CORDOVAN Plain Front Derby, Circa 1980: US9.5D (42.5D)


  • Florsheim Imperial
    Shell Cordovan
    Plain Front Derby, Circa 1980-1986
    Euro 420
    “The finest and most durable shoe ever made in America.”

    I think it is fair to say that this is among the most rare (and most desirable) American classics of the last century. Not only is this model far scarcer even than Florsheim’s own Cordovan Full Brogue model, but the best pieces of Horween Shell are reserved for what is, practically speaking, a “wholecut” shoe, that is to say, a shoe who’s upper is made from one piece of leather. Unlike the Full Brogue made from several smaller pieces of leather, imperfections cannot be tolerated or worked around in the plain front shoe. Indeed Florsheim’s leather was produced the world’s best cordovan tannery, Horween of Chicago; an even textured, close-grained hide of unsurpassed and unsurpassable quality. Shown here with new soles and heels.

    Postage: Innerhalb Deutschlands Euro 6,90; France Euro 16,20; Japan and theFar East Euro 28,10…US $18.

    Size Details:

    US 9.5D .......8.5E UK.....Continental 42.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Bottoms fittied with new "Vibram" non-slip, protective soles over the original Goodyear welted double leather soles. Heels fitted with McAfee style dove-tailed combination heels...and not worn since. Light creasing to uppers and already showing the lovely patina for which cordovan is prized. A superb example of this classic vintage shoe. Sold without trees but ask if you require new Cedarwood trees custom fitted to them.

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