*Fine EDWARD GREEN Full Wing-Tip Oxford Brogue (Brown): 45D (US 11.5D)


  • Edward Green
    Eduard Meier, München
    Full Wing-Tip Brogue Oxford
    Circa 1990
    808 Last
    Euro 540

    This magnificent example of craftsmanship is a testament to the durability of design and the actual improvement in appearance over time of a finely made shoe. No shoe can compete with the 30 years of polishing that has gone into this legacy. Much is said about patina but these shoes define the term. As to Edward Green’s build quality; in ready-made shoes, some believe, and I among them, that no one is superior and few compete with their workmanship ….including John Lobb ready-mades, perfectly good shoes, but not up to this standard.


    Size Details:

    UK 11E (202 Last) .......US 11.5D......Continental 45D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    This pair is in superb original condition. Neither soles nor McAfee style, dove-tailed, combination heels show any appreciable wear. Nor do tops show any but trivial creasing. can imagine that these shoes were worn only infrequently but polished every time they were worn, so lovely is the patina. "Neuwertig!"

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