*Fine – EDWARD GREEN for Ralph Lauren, Split-Toe NORWEGIAN MONK STRAP: 47-47.5F (US 13.5E)


  • Edward Green
    Polo, Ralph Lauren
    Split-Toe Raised Apron, Monk Strap Norwegian

    Fitted Shoe Trees & E. Green Flannel Travel Bags
    Euro 740

    The Monk Strap Norwegian, show here, a classic model, has been an Edward Green staple for many years. It has been found under Green’s own label, or, as shown here, various times, under the labels of several other prominent British and American retailers, in this case, made for Ralph Lauren’s flagship boutiques.

    The model is a basic of the gentleman’s wardrobe and the present example by this venerable bespoke shoemaker is one of the loveliest to be had. The welt is sewn into a closed channel as in the best custom-made shoes, the heel is a combination, non-slip type with soles protected by high quality “Continental” rubber soles “Triumph” steel toe taps. The non-slip rubber soles can be easily replace in future without disturbing the integrity of the original leather soles, a great advantage promising long life for the shoes.

    Needless to say, Edward green has employed the highest quality full thickness Tan or Butterscotch coloured calfskin. Simply stated, a gorgeous shoe in a difficult to obtain size.

    Edward Green ready-mades sell for as much as $1400 today. enquiries@edwardgreen.com

    Size Details:

    13F (UK)......13.5E (US)......Continental 47-47.5E, for the medium to slightly wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    The original soles show no wear as they are protected by thin rubber soles, which themselves show trivial wear. These shoes are sold with fitted trees and original Edward Green Flannel Travel Bags.

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