*Fine – EDWARD GREEN for Brooks Brothers, Classic Monk Strap: 46C/D (US 12C/D)


SOLD to Mr. E. P., Traverse City
  • Edward Green
    Brooks Brothers
    Classic Monk Strap

    Euro 560

    Since January 1965 and the closure of the venerable Peal & Co. firm, Brooks Brothers have marketed superb Edward Green shoes under the “Brooks English” and Peal & Co. names. In recent years they replaced Green with Crockett and Jones and Alfred Sargent products. This pair, with its channeled and skived welting (the best technique of attaching the street sole to the welt), is clearly of the earlier (and superior) Green production.

    The model itself, the Monk Strap is very much in the English taste, an aristocrat’s shoe from the old school, but has penetrated the consciousness of Continentals and North Americans over the years. I myself am a great fan of the Monk and have a pair for myself in more or less every configuration, including calf skin, cordovan, and the not-to-be-neglected Suede Monk. Most Monks are plain fronted, affording an elegant, streamlined look suitable for all but the most formal dress, and, punctuated with a discreet buckle, they proclaim the independence of the wearer.

    As regards build quality, suffice it to say that Edward Green is unsurpassed in all respects of form, materials and build quality.

    The lovely reddish brown colour is the correct brown for the widest variety of uses.

    Size Details:

    US 12C/D.......UK 11D/E.......Continental 46C/D, for the mid-width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Soles all original closed channel welted and modestly worn. Heels have new, unworn, Neolite, non-skid rubber caps.

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