*Fine Bespoke LEE KEE Full Brogue Derby (Budapester)”Golden Harvest”, Circa 1990: 44D (US 10.5D)


SOLD to Mynheer M. H., Vianen
  • Scotch Grain Calfskin
    Full Wing-Tip Brogue Derby
    Hand sewn, Bespoke-Custom Made – Circa 1990
    by Hong Kong’s great traditional master shoemaker
    Lee Kee
    Euro 440
    This shoe is Lee Kees answer to Florsheim’s “Golden Harvest” model.

    The old Asia hands among us will remember Lee Kee, the custom shoemaker in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Their shoes represented the height of luxury, not to mention prices, and they specialized in exotic reptile leathers, alligator, crocodile, lizard, snake and the forbidden giant sea turtle, listed elsewhere in the website. I have no doubt that somewhere in the outer districts of the city Lee Kee’s workers were eating what did not go into the shoes, but we were spared that sight in his pristine showroom in the Peninsula. Since the 1950’s and the occupation of Shanghai by the Red forces, Hong Kong, long the Eastern outpost of the British Empire, became the Mecca for tailoring, dressmaking and shoemaking to the European trade, and the premiere destination for exacting shoppers in the Orient. Lee Kee, occupying the most prominent shop, in the most prominent location in the most luxurious hotel in Hong Kong, naturally garnered much of this elevated trade. And deservedly, his handwork is a testament to the skill of his workmen and this present shoe is a prime example of bespoke shoemaking at its very finest.

    This shoe is made to measure, bench-made, with split reverse welt (storm-welt) and a hand sewn, channeled sole. (See close-up of hand sewing.)

    Size Details:

    UK 9.5E......US 10.5D.....Continental 44D. As a custom made shoe there is no marking other than the maker’s label, however my precise measurements determine the shoe size as noted.

    Shoe Condition:

    Although almost 40 years old, these shoes are in superb, essentially new condition, showing no wear on top and trivial wear to bottoms.

  • Scotch-Grain Kalbsleder
    Full Wing-Tip Brogue Budapester (Derby)
    Hand-sewn, Bespoke-Custom Made – Circa 1990
    von dem bekannten Hongkonger Meister-Schuhmacher
    Lee Kee
    Euro 440

    Die alten Asienkenner unter uns werden sich vielleicht an Lee Kee erinnern, den Schuhmacher in der Lobby des Peninsula Hotels in Hongkong. Seine Schuhe repräsentierten die Spitze des Luxus, nicht zu reden von seine Preisen! Er war auf exotische Leder spezialisiert: Alligatoren-Leder, Krokodil, Eidechse, Schlange und die geschützte Meeres-Schildkroete, die Sie hier in der Website sehen können. Ich habe keinen Zweifel, dass damals in anderen Stadtvierteln von Hongkong wohl manch einer von Lee Kee’s Arbeitern das gegessen hat, was nicht in die Schuhe verarbeitet wurde……aber dieser Anblick wurde uns in der eleganten Lobby des Hotels wohl erspart.

    Dieser massangefertigte Schuh jenes berühmten Schuhmacher-Meisters zeigt alle Details feinster Handwerkskunst eines antiken, von Hand gearbeiteten, Schuhs.

    Size Details:

    44D. Ein massangefertigter Schuh, der keine Grössen-Markierung hat, nur das Etikett des Herstellers trägt. Nach meinen präzisen Messungen handelt es sich um eine europäische 44D....(UK 9.5E....US 10.5D), fuer den mittel-breiten Fuss.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, obwohl die Schuhe nahezu 40 Jahre alt sind, sind sie in ausgezeichnetem Zustand.

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