*Fine ANTONIO PIO MELE Bespoke Spade Sole Spectator:40-40.5D


SOLD to Mr. M. S., New York, N. Y.
  • Antonio Pio Mele
    Bespoke Shoemaker, Milano
    Bespoke Spade Sole, Spectator, Penny Loafer, #556
    Euro 850

    The scion of a Milanese family of traditional shoemakers, Sig. Mele began in the trade at age 17. Still a young man today, he eschews such titles as designer or stylist, preferring to refer to himself as nothing less than a bespoke shoemaker. Mele’s production is miniscule and, understandably, his ultra-refined clientele do not often dispose of their Mele shoes. They are therefore not to be found on the after-market; this is an extreme rarity and, it need not be said, a masterwork of great beauty, as much a sculpture as an article of footwear. Please notice the slim waist and spade sole

    Size Details:

    by my measurements; European 40-40.5D…..US 7-7.5D…..UK 6-6.5E, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    All original and lighty worn.


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