*Fine – ALDEN Scotch Grain, All-Weather Derby: 47D


  • Alden
    Scotch Grain Calf
    Crepe Sole, All Weather Derby

    Euro 420

    This handsome Goodyear welted crepe soled Derby was never marketed in Europe and is not presently available is America, except as a special order with a price surcharge. A pity too, as this extremely durable sole, with its 360 degree storm welt (Pic. #7) is ideal for any weather, wet or dry, and promises exceptional comfort on pavement or off-road. In short, this is a massive, supremely useful shoe for town and country, but one that does not compromise appearances for practicality. This is footwear to give decades of service to even the extraordinary requirements of a big or heavy gentleman.

    About the model: The Plain Front Derby is one of the perhaps dozen most basic gentleman’s shoes and has a prominent palace in every collection. This is an ideal shoe to wear when surveying your country estate in your baggy tweeds or knickerbockers, but equally suitable for daytime wear in town. Of course perfect with any casual dress; khakis, tweeds, checks, corduroys or any earth-tones suitings. The leather itself, Scotch Grain Calfskin, I find to improve with age and weathering; it takes beautifully to polish to become more handsome with a few years and miles on it.

    Condition: Very lightly worn.

    Size: US 13D thus a 47 D Continental size, correct for the medium width foot.

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