[Central European Master Series] *Fein – ALEXANDER BREITENBACH, Berlin,, BESPOKE, Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue: 41,5D


  • Alexander Breitenbach
    Schuhe nach Mass
    Kienitzer Str. 110
    12049 Berlin
    Custom Made
    Medallion Cap-Toe Half-Brogue Oxford
    Euro 420

    It is most likely that this master shoemaker’s workrooms are now out of operation. If any of my readers have more up to date information about Herr Breitenbach, I would appreciate your sharing it with me. What we do know is that his production was very limited and shoes from his hand are almost never seen on the after market.

    This is a very well made Oxford, very much more in the English style than the Central European. The toe is slightly elongated to good effect, without being exaggerated, as are so many modern shoes. This shoe flatters the foot while remaining staunchly traditional.


    Size Details:

    Unmarked for size but by my careful measurements this is a 41,5D, (US 8,5D) (UK 7,5E), for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Condition is superb. All original and showing trivial wear.

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