*Extra Fine – Special Order, NEIMAN MARCUS Alligator 2-Eyelet Derby: 45D (US 11.5D)


  • Neiman Marcus
    Special Order
    2-Eyelet, Plain Front Alligator Derby
    Euro 1450

    Established in Dallas, Texas, in September 1907, by Herbert Marcus, Sr. with his sister Carrie Marcus Neiman and her husband, A.L. Neiman, the firm was an immediate success with its inventory of luxury good never before available in the already oil-rich Texas of the time. The firm went on to expand to as many as 22 stores nationwide and several subsidiary businesses, until, in 2020, it filed for Chapter 11 protection, brought on by sharp declines in business due to the Corona pandemic.

    Nevertheless, for more than 100 years Neiman Marcus was known for it extravagance, luxury, and commensurate prices. Among the many one-of-a-kind items or items specially made for them, one remembers the $22,000 electric car, a toy for children, or among their Christmas catalogue offerings, a live Black Angus bull accompanied by a sterling silver barbecue cart for Edward R. Murrow, or a $20 million submarine (buyer unknown), mummy cases containing actual mummies (sorry, sold out), various airplanes including a Boeing Business Jet for over $35 million, real money at the time, not as it is for you and me today, a pittance.

    In December 1968, Marilyn Lovell, wife of the Apollo 8 astronaut Jim Lovell, received, as a Christmas present, a mink coat, delivered to her by a Neiman Marcus driver in a Rolls-Royce car. The accompanying card read, “To Marilyn, from the Man in the Moon.”

    In short, Neiman’s, for most of its career, occupied a rarified niche, offering super-luxury merchandise to anyone insensitive to price, but certainly to the Texas oil-aristocracy and the super rich of all nations who flew privately to Texas to shop for items mostly unavailable elsewhere.

    The present pair of Alligator shoes made by special order and exclusively for Neiman’s can be seen to employ an especially lovely piece of alligator hide, finely assembled by what must only have been a master shoemaker. The original cost can only be estimated to have been upward of $5000. Please do not confuse these with the Magnanni or Gravati or even the $4995 Stefano Ricci crocodiles, sometimes offer by Neiman’s. These are made for Neiman’s and branded by them, their super exclusive flagship store, boutique product.

    Size Details:

    Marked 12 but by my exact measurements; US 11,5D (UK 10,5E), European 45 D, for the mid-width Foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Near new, only worn two or three times and showing no wear, only the first rubbing of the bottoms. Tops like new too. .

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