*ENGLISH JOBBER for Mauri, Classic Brown Monk Strap: 46.5-47D


  • English Jobber

    Classic Monk Strap
    Euro 240

    The Mauri factory has been making shoes for three generations under the guidance of the Mauri family, in the hillside between Milan and Como, Italy. This is a large international concern but in spite of their grandiose representations, Mauri are know for their vulgar styles and poorly constructed men’s shoes, especially their exotic skins, alligator and crocodile, exactly the sort of products against which I consistently warn my clients.

    Perhaps as penance for inflicting so much vulgarity on the world, Mauri also marketed a very limited number of perfectly serviceable, traditionally styled, English-made shoes in America, as shown here, a safe bet as the shoes never came within several hundred miles of Mauri’s own factory.


    Size Details:

    US 12.5-13D........UK 11.5-12 E......continental 46.5-47D, for the medium with foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Modestly worn.

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