*EDWARD GREEN, All-Weather, VELDTSCHOEN Officer’s Field Boot: 45D (UK 11E) (US 11.5D)


  • Edward Green
    Officer’s Zug Grain Veldtschoen Derby Field Boot
    Circa 1990
    Euro 580

    This is similar to Edward Green’s Medway Boot, built on the same earlier “64” boot last and, in the tradition of such boots, unlined except for the addition of improved reinforcement at the top of the shaft of the boot.

    For the gentleman who avoids the “too new, too tight or too fashionable” (Beau Brummell’s advice), this is the ideal boot, worn but perfectly serviceable, with the advantage of not appearing bought yesterday.

    Veldtschoen construction, distinguished by the hide being turned out at the welt, probably originated in the 16th century, while British patents for the type first appear in the 19th century. The term itself comes from the Afrikaans and the Boer War. It is believed that the Dutch originally imported the technique to South Africa. Finally, it was in the First World War that the type of construction became widely known and it has always since been associated with the most robust of military footwear.

    This is the same boot marketed by Holland & Holland, England’s premier Bespoke Gun Maker for almost two centuries who continue to a line of hunting and hiking clothing from the finest manufacturers such as Green. The film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, features two of their guns, a double barreled shotgun and the famous “Paradox” shot gun with a short run of rifling at the muzzle. To read of Holland & Holland’s long and fascinating history go to: http://hollandandholland.com/about/our-history/

    In short, this is a extraordinarily well made boot by a fine English shoemaker and brings with it great tradition. A prize for the collector and a godsend in the outback. Prices for the ordinary Medway boot (not the improved Holland & Holland version) are GB Pounds 1235, USD 1570 or Euro 1235 plus applicable taxes.

    Size Details:

    11E K......45D Continental......11.5D US, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    All original. The Danite sole and heel show modest wear and the tops show scratches and nicks consistent with use and a rich patina that only time and many polishings can bring. This is a robust and solid boot to serve you for your lifetime. Sold without trees.

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