*Custom Made RANCH OXHIDE Full Brogue Budapester, Circa 1960: 43-43.5D/E.


  • Unknown Bespoke English Shoemaker
    Special Order – Circa 1950-60
    Full Wing-Tip Derby Brogue Budapester
    Euro 650

    Judging from the workmanship and half-canvas lining, this shoe most likely dates from the 1960’s. or a bit earlier. These marvelous Ranch Oxhide Full Brogues can be seen on close inspection to be hand sewn (soles). The skins are soft and pliable as new and Oxhide is, understandably, extremely durable. The grain of this pair is particularly pronounced, and in this lighter colour, the overall effect is truly dramatic.
    This material possesses a quiet elegance while declaring its robustness without the slightest ostentation, a glamourous shoe, extravagantly well made in the handwork, finishing and materials and still absolutely understated.

    The use of Ranch Oxhide is long in decline and the few examples to be found are from the last century. Church’s was fond of this material and I have seen one or two American examples but today, most likely, such a shoe would be available from a custom shoemaker only, thus the replacement cost must be seen to be in the thousands.

    Size Details:

    43-34.5D/E......, (US 10D/E) (UK 9E/F), for the medium to slightly wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb. Showing no appreciable wear.

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