*CROCKETT & JONES for NEW & LINGWOOD Jodhpur Boot: 43-43.5D (US 10D…UK 9E)


  • Crockett & Jones
    New & Lingwood / Poulson Skone & Co.
    Classic Jodhpur Boot
    Euro 380

    This extraordinary lovely and superlatively well made Jodhpur Boot, absolutely in the English taste, is by one Englands finest shoemakers, Crockett & Jones, sold under the New & Lingwood – Paulson Skone & Co. brand in their ready-made line. This is a very elegant full-strap model, a sleek and streamlined design, an uncontested classic and a highly versatile addition to any wardrobe.The plain black front shows beautifull under trousers, as if it were a shoe, except that the higher top provides far more solid support for the ankle than any ordinary, low cut shoe. As with any jodhpur, you will find yourself more firmly planted on the ground with a surprising, almost automatic improvement to your posture.

    Size Details:

    US 10D.......(UK 9E), Continental 43-43.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    All original bottoms are soiled but no actual wear to them. Notice the McAffe type dove tailed combinayion heels. Top excellent, as shown. Sold without trees.

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