*COLE-HAAN All-Weather Suede/Calf Saddle Oxford: 46D (12D)


SOLD to Mr. T. J., Qatar
  • Imported, Special Order
    All-Weather, Two-Leather Saddle Oxford
    Euro 220

    The present shoe, a Two-tone Saddle Oxford (Suede Saddle over Calfskin) was made under special order for Cole-Haan, a modern quotation of the model that defined the American university style from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Saddle Oxford has never gone out of style, indeed is enjoying a resurgence of interest today, no doubt because it (literally) walks the line between a dressy shoe (because of the plain toe) and a sporting shoe (because of the University and Golf traditions behind this model).

    This example, with All-weather, non-slip Rubber Soles and Heels, promises to be as durable as it is comfortable, one of the very short run of special order shoes commissioned by Cole-Haan at the time and sold in Cole-Haan’s flagship stores only. Of course it is no longer available today.

    Some history: Researching the Cole-Haan logo on the internet you will find endless palaver about the firm’s changing hands in the last 30 years and the various logos set forth by the various owners, each seeking to update and modernize the brand. As with many other American shoemakers, but for some periods where truly fine imports were included in their inventory, Cole-Haan’s trend has been inexorably downward since 1988 when the firm was devoured by the giant Nike, an acquisition emblematic of the general trend in America of consolidation of industries. The result, as in this case, is often that the individuality, the defining characteristics, in short, the fineness of the smaller establishment is submerged in the larger. Indeed it is often merely the name or the distribution network that the new owner is buying; the products, the quality, the American manufacturing facilities and the employees of the classic firm made redundant are of little interest to the new owners.

    Cole-Haan was resold in 2012 to Apax Partners, an investment group with diverse interests. With a certain degree of independence now Cole-Haan may flourish again –one of the great old American shoemakers- the results are not yet conclusive.

    Size Details:

    US 12D.…..UK 11E…..European 46D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Very lightly worn. Neuwertig.New and unworn.

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