CHURCH’S “Custom Grade” Cape Buck Suede, Full Brogue Oxford: US 11.5E (45E)


  • Church’s English Shoes
    “Custom Grade”
    Brown “Cape Buck” Full Brogue Oxford
    Euro 240

    Church’s Brown Cape Buck Suede Oxford Brogue is one of the greatest English classic shoes. Every good shoemaker offers a brown suede but let there be no doubt, Church’s Cape Buck Oxford sets and has set the standard for suede shoes for 50 years. It is one of the perhaps dozen basic gentleman’s shoes and tremendously versatile. I believe no wardrobe is complete without this model. Dressy and relaxed at the same time and quite commonly seen in London’s financial district, the “City”, the Brown Suede Oxford is absolutely correct for daytime business wear, pin or chalk-stripe suit, gray flannels and indeed the obvious, with all the possible country earth-tones. I find my Suede shoes improve with age and weathering; they become more handsome with a few years and miles on them and are simple to maintain; just wait until dry and brush and wear!

    This is the old and great Church’s „Custom Grade“ shoe, the shoe that made Church’s reputation, understandably rarely seen in the after market; I see no more than two or three a year in all sizes combined. If this shoe is your size, not an easy size to obtain, do not hesitate.

    Althought the model has been in continuous production even to this day, and once sold for for £395, Euro 550 and US$ 620, the current prices under the new Prada management have gone up an astonishing 40%-50% for the same product, now topping £600, Euro 755, and USD 880.  This is the last moment in history to get your beloved Church’s shoes at something less than even the old prices. Go to the internet and read the outraged response by old clients.

    Size Details:

    Marked an UK 10.5F, thus a US 11.5E and a continental 45ED, correct for the medium width to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    All original, well used but still quite servicable pair.

  • Church’s English Shoes
    “Custom Grade”
    Brown “Cape Buck” Wildleder Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue
    Euro 280

    Zum Verkauf steht hier die „Custom Grade” Boutique Marke „Real Cape Buck“ Wildleder Cap-Toe Oxford Brogue der herausragenden englischen Firma Church’s English Shoes. Ein idealer Schuh zur Business oder Tages-Garderobe, oder zur sportlichen Kombination mit Cord-Hose, Blazer und Flanell-Hose, oder sogar zur Jeans. Der klassische “City-Shoe“. Die Qualität der Church’s-Schuhe ist unwiderlegbar. Dieses Paar kostet im Handel weit über Euro 600.

    Unverzichtbar für die Garderobe eines Gentlemans. Handgefertigte, rahmengenähte Qualität. Der Gesamteindruck jedoch ist der einer feineren, eleganteren Präsentation, im Vergleich zu Church’s normalem Design.

    Käufer zahlt, EUR 6,90 Versandkosten als versichertes Paket innerhalb Deutschlands.

    Size Details:

    Die Größe ist in englischer UK 10.5F angegeben, was einer deutschen Größe 45E entspricht; für den mittel-breit bis etwas breiteren Fuss.

    Shoe Condition:

    Rather worn but still all original.

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