[Central European Master Series] *Neuwertig – Vintage HUNGARIAN Hand-Made 3-Eyelet Derby: 42D/E (US 9D/E)


  • Hand-Made
    Hand-Raised Front 3-Eyelet Derby (Blucher)
    Unknown Hungarian Master
    Circa 1960
    Euro 480

    This charming hand-made 3-Eyelet Derby is stylistically, indeed aggressively, faithful to the 1960s of it manufacture. Made in Hungary for the German market and sold under the apocryphal brand name “Vogue on Europe”

    Little is known about this particular shoe beyond the fineness of its making, that it is of Hungary origin and the product of a master shoemaker. Recent or antique, this is a shoe from another era of shoemaking and another stylistic temperament, witness the wonderful pointed toe and the low-slung hand-sewn apron. As today’s designers, bereft of imagination, plundering the annals of history, looking backward for inspiration, here is one of the original “moderns”, albeit half a century removed from us. A classic, yes, but not one in the sense of the pre-war pantheon of gentlemen’s shoes; this is truly a modern of the mid-century. a period piece, at the moment of the changing of the guard, the perfect shoe for the collector or the gentleman with a feeling for the “history of the modern.”

    Size Details:

    42D/E Continental....thus UK 8E/F and US 9D/E, for the medium to slightly wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Neuwertig, near new, perhaps worn twice.

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