[Central European Master Series] *MARENO, Berlin, Hand-Made, Full Brogue Budapester, Circa 1970: 43-43.5D (US 10D)


    Full “Straight” Wing-Tip Derby Brogue
    Circa 1970
    Euro 440

    First sold by former Berlin retailer Mareno, this largely hand-made Full Brogue Derby (Budapesters) has the “unpeaked” Straight Wing-Tip characteristic of mid-century and earlier models.  While the actual maker is unknown, this shoe has the aspect and details of Central European shoe making; closed channel hand-sewn welt, hand-set nail reinforcements of soles heels and combination heels. All in all, a very well made shoe, equivalent to most bespoke shoes today and a particularly pleasing chisel-toe form with finer that usual brogueing and because of closing with only 4-eyelets, presenting a longer and more flattering silhouette.

    This shoe is the only one I ever have seen coming from the now defunct Mareno, and the only one quite this individual style. Surely others were made at the time but today, after 50 years, it can safely be called “one-of-a-kind, the last survivor from the hands of an unknown master now “hid in deaths dateless night”.

    Size Details:

    43-43.5E....10E US.....9F UK, for the medium to somewhat wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent with all original soles and heels, both of which show trivial wear. Neuwertig. (Black & white photos provided to show more detail.)


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