[Central European Master Series] *LUDWIG REITER 4-Eyelet, Split-Toe, Scotch Grain NORWEGIAN, Circa 1990: 43-43.5E (US 10E)


  • Ludwig Reiter
    Established 1885 in Vienna
    4-Eyelet Scotch Grain, Split-Toe Norwegian
    Circa 1990
    Euro 360

    In 1885 Ludwig Reiter I, with his wife Anna established their first workrooms in Vienna’s 4th District.  Within a few years they were providing custom-made boots and welted shoes for the Officers and Guardsmen of the Keiser.

    Today, in the 4th generation of family ownership, Ludwig Reiter employs 60 skilled artisans, owns and operates 13 stores in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and sells their product through a further 200 shops and boutiques throughout Europe, Japan and America and is rightly considered to be among the finest shoemakers of central Europe.

    The present pair, an elegant daytime shoe in a fine grade of Scotch (pebble) Grain Calfskin is ideal for the season, as perfect for town as for country wear, a handsome classic, sporting shoe of fines manufacture. Ready-to-wear Reiter shoes are in the 600-700 Euro range, plus MwS (VAT).

    Size Details:

    US 10E (UK9F/G) (Continental 44-43.5E), for the wider foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    All original, very lightly worn, with near new, non slip "Topy" protective soles added. Sold without trees.

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