[Central European Master Series] *Like new Bespoke LÁSZLÓ VASS, Hungary, Scotch Grain, ALL_WEATHER Derby: 43.5EE (US 10EE)


  • A Rare and Unusual
    Scotch Grain 5-Eyelet Derby
    László Vass
    All Weather, All Terrain High Profile Vibram Sole
    Euro 520

    The shoe in this listing is immediately recognizable as being in the traditional Austro-Hungarian style, with its emblematic tall and rounded toe box. It is a largely hand made shoe, made in Vass’s Hungarian atelier (some later ready-mades emanate from Rumanian contractors -but not this!), in a lovely Scotch (Pebble) Gros-Grain Calf with hand-sewn welt and additional high profile Vibram sole. This bespoke masterpiece from one of the great shoemakers of the world will serve you faithfully and comfortably on city streets and country roads, in wet or dry weather, and always look elegant. No need to compromise your appearance for practicality or change your shoes when you arrive at your destination.

    Size Details:

    A custom made shoe, therefore no size is given but by my careful measurement using fixed-size lasts, I take this to be a Continental 43.5 EE, a wider fitting. Thus a US 10EE or UK 9-9.5F, correct for the rather wider foot and room for heavy socks.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb condition, showing trivial wear, to the heel or soles. Sold without trees.

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