[Central European Master Series] *Important Antique PRE-WAR, Hand-Made HUNGARIAN Balmoral: 42.5D (UD 9.5D)


  • Important Antique Pre-War,
    Hand-Made, Bespoke
    Hungarian 6-Eyelet, 4-Hook, Cap-Toe Balmoral: 42.5D

    This is a museum piece or destined for the advanced collector, a very fine and eminently wearable example of antique Central European boot-making, found -and most likely originating from- the “world-historical” city of Győr, halfway between Budapest and Vienna. Győr is the the most important city of northwest Hungary and the seat of a 1000 year old dioceses.

    This shoe was acquired with other shoes known to be made by the elder István Fehér, a master shoemaker of that city, although that provenance is not otherwise confirmed. The cloth lining embroidered with a floral pattern is highly exceptional as is the decorative sewing on the quarters and interior at the upper cuff. The sole is both hand-sewn to the welt in a closed channel and nailed with wooden nails, in the characteristic technique of earlier days. The tall toe-box is in keeping with typical mid-century Hungarian lasting but the relatively pointed toe is reminiscent of turn-of -the-century and earlier styles. This would be a marvelous addition to the collection of an aficionado-Liebhaber-collector.

    Size Details:

    by my measurements: 42.5D Continental.....9.5D American....8.5E English, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    All original, very lightly worn, and absolutely superb.

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