*CAULAINCOURT, Paris, Two-Tone, Custom-Made, Balmoral Boot: 43-43.5D (US 10D)


  • Maison Caulaincourt
    59 Ave. Kléber
    75016 Paris
    Special Order, Two-tone, Balmoral Boots 
    Harris Tweed over Hand Antiqued Calf
    Euro 740

    Maison Caulaincourt is distinguished by its hand-made patinas and antiquing applied to its sleek silhouettes, producing custom-ordered masterpieces of great elegance and individuality. This present boot is a good example of their top-line, custom creations, a Two-tone, Balmoral Boots with the extraordinary use of genuine water-repellant New Hebrides Harris Tweed appliqué above the center line. The effect is spectacular, the perfect compliment to the gorgeous finishing of the leather foot and, it hardly needs to be said, a one-of-a-kind composition. You will not soon encounter another gentleman flâneur on the Faubourg, wearing the same boots.

    The Balmoral boot was designed for Prince Albert and takes its name from his Scottish estate Balmoral. The model is intended to be practical for wear on the moors when shooting and equally stylish indoors. Opinions vary, but it is most likely that Joseph Sparkes Hall, the inventor of boots with side elastics for Queen Victoria (his mum) made the first of these boots for Prince Albert.

    The name Caulaincourt is taken from the two Caulaincour brothers, generals in the army of Napoléon, ancestors of the present family. Although Caulaincourt produces several levels of shoes, ready-made to custom made, Blake stitched to Goodyear Welted, we have here their chef d’oeuvre, a fully custom, closed-channel Goodyear welted, hand tinted masterpiece. Current production time, were you to order this or a similar boot from Caulaincourt; runs two to three months, depending upon materials chosen. Prices approaching Euro 900. . .

    Size Details:

    43-43.5D (US 10D)) (UK 9E), medium width.

    Shoe Condition:

    Very lightly worn.

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