*BONORA, Firenze, 5-Eyelet Suede Cap-Toe Oxford: 42.5D (US 9.5D)


  • Bonora Calzolai
    Firenze -Since 1878
    5-Eyelet Suede Cap-Toe Oxford
    Euro 280

    Bonora, Florence’s best known and one of Italy’s oldest custom shoemaker, is a family owned business and in continuous operation since 1878. Their prêt-a-porter line is in very limited distribution outside Italy, to be found at not more than one or two superior retail outlets in London, Tokyo and New York. Their custom made/bespoke shoes, are almost never seen on the after market. They are simplicity itself, truly beautifully made and subscribe to the highest standard of hand made shoes. They are had welted and sewn into a skived (closed) channel.

    This  model. a classic suede oxford, is just the right color brown to complement a wide range of sportswear, day-wear and country tweeds…and let us not forget jeans.

    Bonora ready-mades are now over Euro 1300, the custom-mades about twice that price.

    Size Details:

    European 42.5D....UK 8.5E.....US 9.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Condition: All original and lightly worn. 80% of its life ahead of it.

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