*BESPOKE – W. S. FOSTER & SON Ltd., Monk Strap: 41.5D (US 9.5D)


  • Vintage, Bespoke
    W. S. Foster & Son, Ltd.
    83 Jermyn Street, London SW1
    Euro 650

    A privately owned company in continuous tradition for 172 years, Foster & Son is one of the oldest-established custom shoe and bootmakers in the world. With its sister company Henry Maxwell it trades today at 83 Jermyn Street opposite Fortnums. They supply boots, shoes and a wide range of riding and hunting accessories from shops in both London and Paris to gentlemen prepared to pay £1,870 for shoes or £3600 for boots and willing to go barefoot for the 8 months Foster’s require for delivery. Ref: http://foster.co.uk/our-products/bespoke-services/

    The present pair of Monk Straps, bespoke-custom-made by Foster’s has been professionally restored with McAfee type combination heels and Swiss Vitamin brand thin rubber sole protectors….and not worn since. Please notice the dramatic sweep of the last; clearly a sign of finest pedigree. You have before you a shoe with a history behind it, a history that cannot be bought out of a shop window. This is a shoe for the advanced collector or consummately well dressed gentleman.

    Size Details:

    (Bespoke, therefore unmarked for size but by my careful measurements using shoemakers lasts of known size) UK 7.5E….US 8.5D…..Continental 41.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb. As stated, recently restored. Sold without trees.

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