(Bespoke Italian Master Series) *KITON, Bespoke, Hand Antiqued, Cap-Toe Oxford & Trees: 42.5-43D


SOLD to Dr. P. A., Bethlehem
    Founded 1968 in Naples
    Hand-Sewn Suede Moccasin/Loafer
    With original Custom-Fitted Shoe Trees
    Euro 850

    The wide range of opinions and lore regarding Kiton is not aided by the shameless self-promotion of the brand and the toadying remarks by captive reviewers seeking to justify Kiton’s elevated prices. Not wishing to enter into the debate, I have avoided presenting the brand in my website…until now. Two pairs of Kiton shoes, one shown here and another shown elsewhere in the website seem to define the range of Kiton’s shoe production and have given me an excuse to weigh in to the storm of commentary with my own remarks.

    To avoid confusion, the shoes here are neither the Lattanzis produced for Kiton in the past, nor are they among the unfortunate Blake Stitched variety now sold everywhere on the internet under the Kiton name but made by some unspecified jobber.

    The shoes shown here are made in Kiton’s own workrooms; the Oxfords custom-made/bespoke and the Suede Loafers ready-to-wear. In both shoes, however, the welt is sewn on by hand and the soles sewn into a  closed channel. The Oxfords are –give them their due- beautifully hand-antiqued; the effect is spectacular without a hint of ostentation. This, if anything, elevates Kiton above many competitors. It was this shoe that seduced me into including the brand in my website. Even upon first sight it absolutely declares itself to be a bespoke item,

    The suede Penny Loafer, employing a rich dark brown suede of supreme quality, completely glove-leather lined and with hand-raised apron; is a “fashion-forward” chisel-toed quotation of the classic model and overcomes all my Anglo-oriented prejudices with its subtle elegance. I am forced to admit that Kiton is a brand to recon with; the shoes, of course. Do not quote me on the wildly overpriced clothing line.

    Size Details:

    UK 8.5-9E.....US 9.5-10D....European 42.5-10D, for the medium width foot. Custom fitted Shoe trees included.

    Shoe Condition:

    Lovely. All original, lightly worn soles- The stitching just showing through. Heels near new and tops like new too.

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