(Bespoke Italian Master Series) *ENZO BONAFE, Bologna, All-Weather, Spectator Balmoral Boot: 43-43.5D


  • Enzo Bonafe
    Hand-Welted, Hand Lasted
    All Weather, Wing-Tip Oxford (Balmoral) Spectator Boot

    Tan Suede over Brown Boxcalf
    Euro 680

    Bonafe is distinguished from almost all contemporary shoemakers by still hand welting and partially hand lasting its ready-to-wear production, employing very much the same techniques as with its bespoke shoes. With this kind of painstaking workmanship and only 25 workers (of whom 5 are family members) Bonafe’s production is minuscule compared to most producers. Along with the much larger Testoni factory (where Enzo began as an apprentice at age 13), Bonafe is the only remaining shoemaker of the 40 that once operated in the Bologna region, a testament to the endurance of superior quality against the onslaught of the second-rate.

    This masterpiece of corwainer’s art was commissioned by the exclusive Swedish men’s shoe store and haberdasher, Skoaktiebolagat. Unfortunately, the very small custom run was almost immediately sold out. But one pair, a last example of this exemplary boot, is here for the gentleman fortunate enough to take a 43-43.5D (UK 9E-US 10D).

    The proprietary medium profile non-slip rubber sole and heel promise security, dryness and, to be sure, added comfort to this handsome and distinguished boot.

    Size Details:

    Continental 43-43.5D......UK 9E......US 10D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unused. Sold without trees.

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