(Bespoke Italian Master Series) *Hand Made “9G” Gentleman’s or LADY’S Cap-Toe Brogue: 39D


SOLD to Madam A. F.-L.
  • New Vintage Gentleman’s or Lady’s
    Fine, Hand-Made Italian Masterwork
    “9G” Cap-Toe Derby Brogue
    Unknown Date, Unknown Master
    Euro 650

    This listing is intended to solicit the help of my many knowledgeable collector clients in identifying these most excellent hand made shoes. All available identifying marks and structural details are visible in the photographs below but the provenance is lost to me; I do not remember how I came to possess them, although the why is clear. This incomparably lovely shoe, it artful conceived yet traditionally faithful design and the consummate craftsmanship it evidences must have overwhelmed me at the time…they certainly have me in thrall today. Nor is their emergence untimely as I make my original foray into a new arena, fine hand-made and bespoke Italian shoes.
    I would appreciate any information my clients, readers or subscribers might be able to add toward identifying the master from who’s hands this masterpiece sprang. Lest the trees mislead, they are not original to the shoes.

    Size Details:

    39D....US 6D....UK 5D, medium width.

    Shoe Condition:

    New, never worn.


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