(Bespoke Italian Master Series) *FRANCESCO BENIGNO, All-Weather, Zug Grain Field (Navvy) Boot: 43-43.5D


SOLD to Mr H. W., Newport
  • Francesco Benigno
    Since 1926
    Special Order – Hand Made – Prototype
    All Weather, All Terrain, Zug Grain, Brogues Field (Navvy) Boot
    Euro 620

    This is a special order boot, the last, leather and model specified by a commercial client, for rebranding. Benigno is known for providing shoes to retailers worldwide, for sale under their brands. However, the cost of producing the quality that went into this shoe approached or exceeded the retail market price, thus the model was never put into production. This is the one extant exemplar.
    The Danite-style full rubber sole and heel is, as can be seen, hand sewn into a open channel. Also seen is the distinctive “saddle” with vertical brogueing added over the first three eyelets. But it is the dramatic chisel toe and the pronounced Zug Grain leather that make this boot so handsome and, indeed, unique, not to be compared with this makers usual RTW offerings. Most Veldtschoen or Zug Grain boots look exactly like what they are, rough and tumble outdoor trekking or climbing boots, indestructible, scuff-proof and wonderfully low maintenance. This pair too is exactly that; it will take you up the mountain just as well as any other but, unlike the others, if worn under the right trousers, will also slip gracefully into the salon or drawing room, such is the elegance of the model, the stream-lined last that competes with any custom-made shoe from this or any by-gone era. How wonderful to come out of the cold and directly into well-dressed company, correctly and handsomely and rather interestingly shod.

    Size Details:

    English size 9E…..US 10D…..Continental 43-43.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Condition: New, never worn. Sold without trees but in original carton and with new Flannel Travel Boot Bags.

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