*Bespoke – HENRY MAXWELL – W. S. FOSTER & SON Ltd., Full Brogue Oxford: 43-43.5D.


VENDU à Monsieur R. S., Paris
  • Vintage, Bespoke
    Full Brogue Oxford
    restored by
    W. S. Foster & Son, Ltd.
    83 Jermyn Street, London SW1
    Euro 650

    Henry Maxwell was founded in 1750 and is the oldest of the remaining bootmakers in London. The first of its several Royal Warrants was awarded in the mid-19th century by King George IV. In the 20th century the firm absorbed Faulkner & Son and operated shops in both London and Paris. Since 1999, under the same private ownership with its sister firm, Foster & Son, itself in continuous tradition for 172 years, Henry Maxwell trades at 83 Jermyn Street opposite Fortnums. Henry Maxwell is well know for its wide range of hunting and riding accessories, boots and shoes, supplied to both cavalry regiments and for civilian use.

    Even those gentlemen prepared to pay £1,870 for shoes or £3600 for boots may not have been willing to go barefoot for the 8 months Maxwell info@henrymaxwell.co.uk or Foster require for delivery. Ref:http://foster.co.uk/our-products/bespoke-services/ Those clients were accommodated uncompromisingly by Foster’s then ready-to-wear line made for them by Edward Green into the 1990s. See Website.

    The present pair of oxfords, bespoke-custom-made by Maxwell, was returned to the firm and entirely rebuilt; it has not been worn since. Once again we see the advantage of dealing with a reliable artisanal house that stands behind its products, even, as in this case, decades after the shoes were made. You have before you a shoe with a great history behind it, a history that cannot be bought out of a shop window, a history that is richly evident in its mottled surfaces and depth of colour, signs of the passage of time, signs of bygone times. For the advanced collector or consummately well dressed gentleman.

    Size Details:

    (Bespoke, therefore unmarked for size but by my careful measurements using shoemakers lasts of know size) UK 9E….US 10D…..Continental 43-43.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb. Fully restored by the maker, Maxwell, in their joint workrooms with Foster & Son. Sold without trees.

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