AVVENTURA (Spain) Crocodile Monk Strap: 41.5D


    Crocodile Monk Strap Loafer
    Euro 340

    This appears to be a reasonably well made shoe in spite of not being Goodyear welted. While it is exactly the sort of Italian shoe I warn against -the Blake Stitched, Rapid Stitched and cemented constructions- this shoe has had a leather half sole added to give it greater substance. Still, it is not to be compared to the Goodyear welted shoes in the website,but a charming shoe nevertheless, with chisel toe and handsome solid brass buckle.

    Colour: More a standard medium brown than shown in the pictures.

    Size Details:

    8.5D US.....7.5EUK.....41.5D Continental, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Bottoms showing modest wear. Tops in excellent, near new condition. Sold without trees.


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