*Antique World War I, BRITISH ARMY ISSUE Adjutant’s Dispatch/Map Case, Circa 1918


  • British Army Issue
    Adjutant’s Leather Dispatch/Map Case
    Circa 1918
    Euro 480

    This is a remnant of the British line of the Western Front of the Great War, now 100 years past. With adjustable shoulder strap and closure, solid brass fittings and cloth lining, this case, in full grain leather, was a British Army issue for field grade officers’ adjutants and aids-de-camp, for the secure conveyance of orders between commanders and the safekeeping of maps and documents in harsh weather conditions and other hardly imaginable challenges.

    Apart from being a exceptional souvenir of its time and place, a trophy for display and conversation piece, its uses in modern daily life are limited only by imagination.

    Condition: entirely original and in tact. Leather firm but pliable. Interior lining in tatters. Dimensions: 10” x 8” x 4”   Very few examples of this article have survived a full century, and fewer still, complete and undamaged.

    A most interesting, if disturbing, article on the anniversary of WWI: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/11/05/a-hundred-years-after-the-armistice  In it you will read an account of the young Captain (later President) Harry Truman writing to his fiancée, Bess Wallace, after he saw a downed and wounded German aviator robbed of his boots by an American officer: “I heard a Frenchman remark that Germany was fighting for territory, England for the sea, France for patriotism, and Americans for souvenirs.”

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