Antik Brown MASON SHELL CORDOVAN Full Brogue Oxford, Circa 1950: 41D (US 8D)


  • Mason Shoe Company
    Shell Cordovan
    Full Brogue Oxford
    Circa 1950
    Euro 340

    The names “Executive” and “Executive Imperial” were the trade marks of the Mason Shoe Company, Chippewa Fall, Wisconsin. Mason was know for producing shoes for high-end emporia for rebranding. In any case, they produced an excellent shoe that resembles the other less well-know but excellent firm, Nettleton, With double sole, Goodyear welted, of course, and with 360 degree storm welt (split reverse welt), this is a massive brogue in a beautiful ripe cherry cordovan; a classic shoe of the old American school.

    Size Details:

    UK7D........US8D......Continental 41D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:


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