• Vintage Allen Edmonds
    Special Order – Circa 1970
    Wholecut Oxford
    Euro 650

    Judging from the workmanship and treatment of the lining, this shoe most likely dates from the 1970’s. These marvelous Sharkskin Wholecuts are beautifully made, Goodyear welted, like all Allen Edmonds shoes. The skins are soft and pliable as new; Sharkskin is extremely durable as evidenced here. This pair is in superb condition. The colour of these shoes is a deep, dense Ink-Black with the characteristic subtle natural shimmer of Sharkskin; a beautiful and eye catching effect. This material, among the rarest from which shoes can be made, far more rare than any Alligator shoe, possesses a quiet elegance that signal extremes of luxury without the slightest ostentation.
    The use of Sharkskin in the making of shoes, now no longer done for reasons of conservation, is a largely American phenomenon. The two major producers were Footjoy and Allen Edmonds. One does see quite some variation from one pair to the next in the selection of skins; these being a rather more elongated grain than used in the usual examples. The effect is rather sleeker and very elegant. The colour is also absent the red undertones characteristic of many sharkskin shoes; thus we see a very direct and quietly elegant pure Black. A glamourous shoe, extravagantly elegant in the handwork, finishing and materials and still absolutely understated and without a hint of ostentation.

    Size Details:

    US 10D......UK 9E......European 43-43.5D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent, superb, newly restored with thin "Topy" rubber sole and not worn since.

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