[Central European Master Series] *ALDEN – EDUARD MEIER Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer: 41,5-42 Narrow


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  • Alden of New England
    Eduard Meier
    Shell Cordovan – Pferdeleder
    Classic Penny Loafer
    Euro 440

    Dies ist einer der grossartigsten Modelle der Firma Alden, der Penny Loafer, Model “Madison”. Dieser Schuh ist ganz gewiss ein Klassiker, der in einer grossen Tradition steht. Ein jedes Stück Leder ist unterschiedlich und ich beginne zu glauben, dass Alden mit seinen besten Stücken tatsächlich Einzelhandels-Geschäfte, wie Brooks Brothers in der USA oder Eduard Meier in München, beliefert! Auf alle Fälle ist dies ein ausgenommen schönes Stück Cordovan.

    Size Details:

    41,5-42 (8,5-9 US) (8 UK) SCHMAL.

    Shoe Condition:

    Superb, neuwertig.

  • Alden of New England
    Eduard Meier, Munich
    Shell Cordovan Penny Loafer
    Euro 440

    Alden is, of course the premiere purveyor of cordovan shoes in the world, and this shoe is proof positive of their excellence. The classic Penny Loafer shown here, model name “Madison”, certainly has an important place in the gentleman’s wardrobe. Every piece of leather is a bit different from every other and I begin to believe that Alden reserves their choicest hides for their outside retailers such as Brooks Brothers or in this case Eduard Meier in Munich. In any cases, the leather used in this shoe is a superior piece of Cordovan and beautifully coloured in a tone half way between brown and the usual oxblood.

    NOTE: From my recent visit to their lovely Residenzstrasse shop in Munich, I find that Ed. Meier’s prices for shell cordovan shoes have now risen to above Euro 1290. (Their calfskin shoes, over Euro 890) mail@EdMeier.de Tel:089-220044

    Cordovan is traditionally an American preoccupation but now, lately, very much in vogue among European businessmen and professionals, who, after all, are the most likely to be able to afford these 700-plus Euro shoes. Available to you here without Duty, VAT or MwSt.

    Size Details:

    US 8,5-9 , UK 8, Continental: 41,5-42, NARROW.

    Shoe Condition:

    Excellent, showing little actual wear.

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