*ALDEN All-Weather Plain Front Derby (Blucher): 45 Narrow (US 11.5 Narrow)


  • Alden of New England
    All Weather, All Terrain
    Plain Front Derby (Blucher)
    Euro 360

    Alden is, of course, the premiere purveyor of cordovan shoes in the world but every model they present in shell cordovan is also available in calf, as shown here in an especially handsome dark brown calfskin, easily confused with cordovan. The advantage of calf is greater comfort and a far shorter “break-in” period. This Derby (blucher) is fitted with Alden’s own medium profile, all weather, all terrain sole and heel, as correct for town as for the country. This shoe will keep you dry and insulated from the cold and with its cushioned interior supremely comfortable even on the hardest surfaces. An ideal shoe for heavy weather but equally suitable the year ’round.

    Size Details:

    US 11.5 Narrow........UK 10.5 Narrow.......European 45 Narrow. Sold without trees.

    Shoe Condition:

    As seen in the pictures, VERY modestly worn.

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