*ALDEN All-weather “Kudu” Leather Chukka Boot: 41.5-42D (US 8.5-9D)


  • Alden of New England
    2-Eyelet, All-Weather, “Goiser” Kudu Chukka Boot

    Euro 480

    This is Alden’s All-Weather, All Terrain, Chukka boot but employing richly nourished Calfskin “Kudu” (also called Chromexcel) leather. Kudu leather is a highly-oiled, hand-curried leather that needs very little maintenance, ideal for the most challenging environments, inclement weather and long days of use with unsurpassed breathable comfort. With its vegetable tanned leather insoles, cork layer, and full glove-leather lining, Kudu conforms to your foot, assuming an almost custom quality fit, over time.

    Every Alden New England shoe is built on a tempered steel shank. Below its Goodyear welted outer leather sole, this boot has the addition of a lugged, full rubber street sole and heel, ideal for off-road duty or, simply, for greater comfort on hard pavement. The final and perhaps most important distinguishing characteristic of this boot is the additional waterproofing offered by the “Goiser” or  true-Norwegian welt, a split revered storm welt, with a second line of (visible) stitching to the top.

    Size Details:

    Marked 8.5 and will fit an 8.5 with the addition of an inner soles. Like many Aldens, this fits ½ size larger than the nominal size, thus correct for US 9D, UK 8E, Continental 43D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    A good example of this robust boot. All original, some wear to bottoms and little to none to tops. Sold without trees.

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