*ALFRED SARGENT for SHIPTON & HENEAGE, Suede Chukka (Desert) Boot: 44D (US 10.5D)


  • Alfred Sargent
    Shipton & Heneage
    Suede Chukka (Desert) Boot
    Euro 360

    Alfred Sargent’s Handgrade competes favourably with any English or American shoemaker’s products today. It is said that the firm, founded 1899 by the great grandfather of the current owners Paul and Andrew Sargent and considered in recent decades to be on a level one below Crockett & Jones or Church’s, overhauled their entire operation in 2010 with an eye to the luxury market occupied by such luminaries as Edward Green and John Lobb. Their efforts appear to have met with considerable success in terms of both quality and reception in the market. These top-line shoes are now sold by Shipton & Heneage, under Brooks Brothers’ Peal & Co. label and by other luxury purveyor at premium prices.



    Both the Chukka Boot and the Jodhpur Boot derive from the 19th century British presence in India, and the discovery of the game of Polo in the 1850s by British tea planters on the Burmese border with India. (A ‘chukker’ is a period of play in Polo). Both boots were readily adapted by the British at home and quickly became staples of the Gentleman’s wardrobe. The Chukka Boot is a casual, sporting boot to just above the ankle, plain toed, fastening with two (although sometimes three or four) high lacings or strap (as in a Monk). The Chukka Boot is often called the ‘Desert Boot’ through being much adopted -in suede, as shown here- by British forces.



    Size Details:

    This shoe is marked UK9.5E....a US 10.5D.....Continental 44D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    All original, very light wear to bottoms,
    The darker color in the pictures is more accurate, the lighter ones are to show greater detail.

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