Rubber Soled Shoes – Gummisohle

Rubber soled shoes (but the properly Goodyear Welted variety) have made rather a comeback in recent years and even the leather-sole purist must admit to the practically of either a heavy Commando Sole (the great Itshide sole, for instance, good for all terrain) or the medium profile Danite Sole. Even a thin “Topy” overlay to your leather soled shoes will provide the obvious added protection to wet but also welcomed isolation from cold….. Every gentleman should have a pair or two of rubber soled shoes to fall back on for country outings, off-road duty or plain bad weather use. Quite a number of high quality shoemakers offer classic models, Brogues, Norwegians, Chukka Boots, Jodhpurs and Suede Shoes with excellent rubber soles that do not compromise the elegance or beauty of the shoe. The soles are functional, comfortable, highly durable and perfectly repairable (for instance, the Itshide heel can be easily replaced). [To find, search under, Gummisohle, Danite or Itshide]