Internet shoe buying tips-Ebay and other websites:

In response to frequent queries from old clients: “Good deals” on Ebay do exist but they are for the fellow who is prepared to spend ridiculous amounts of time plowing through the, today, 1,981,000, men’s shoes being offered (yes, almost 2 million men’s shoes at a given time).

For the rest of us who value our time and realize that the real bargains have long ago disappeared from Ebay,…..(more)… this is not a reasonable option. Moreover, the remaining “good deals” invariably turn out to be deceptive, a truly great shoe but in an inhuman size, say AAA, or 17 EEE, suitable for neither man nor beast, or, as frustratingly, a perfectly nice shoe, just your size, but when it arrives reveals the reason it is being sold, mildew from the cellar or attic from which it was unearthed -and once mildewed, forever mildewed- or it is discovered to have fossilized over the decades of disuse into a sort of flaking cardboard…although appearing perfect in the photographs.

I have had every one of these experience and other disappointments too and I am not too proud to admit that I have a shelf of dozens of such mistakes made early in this hobby; I keep this evidence of my ignorance and unfulfilled optimism to remind me to avoid temptation today. Yes, there are good deals in Ebay and other such sites in the internet and every haystack contains a needle too but do you really want to waste 10 hours of your time to buy three bad pairs of shoes in order to find one good pair?

Even after you find it, if you average the good buys with the cost of the mistakes and the time wasted, you will have been far better off with a reputable dealer who, like this website, offers a 100% money-back guarantee. In short, the best deal is to frequent a proven seller with known quality merchandise, especially someone who specializes in what you are looking for. For many gentlemen, I have had the privilege of playing that role. If you have not already taken advantage of the website, I hope you will not think me too self-serving to invite you to do so in the future -and do so with confidence.