The shoes have arrived and WOW! I’m really pleased with the condition for a shoe that is 90+ years old it’s amazing how the are still here today! Mr. J H., N. Torkshire  *Important Antik AMERICAN JOBBER Spade Sole Spectator, Circa 1925:42C 

Hello Sevan, I received the “sharks” today, all in good order. They are an excellent fit, and I can’t get over their immaculate condition and how they look like they could have been made yesterday. Not just their condition, you understand, but their styling also. Sleek, minimalist and elegant, they can hold their own with anything designed by any number of today’s shoe designers; they are “classic” in the best sense of the word. Regards, Mr. D T., Onterio Canada  *NEW – Vintage KNAPP SHARKSKIN High Vamp Loafers, Circa 1950: US 7.5D (40-40.5D)

Bravo, Mr. Minasian.  Yours is the proof that in these dispirited, boorish times filled with well heeled but bereft of style upstarts, TRUE class will always prevail.  Please, campaign relentlessly for the virtues we begin to lose – there are too few sources of elegance and pleasure in the electronic world. Yours,  D. v. L. re: Do Clothes Make the Man

Sevan, Thank you very much for your response and great customer service!  It is much appreciated.  BTW- The shoes are beautiful and the fit is great! My best, Mr. T. H., St. Louis NEW – FLORSHEIM “Royal” IMPERIAL Full Brogue Derby Budapester, Circa 1985: 42E

Cher Sevan, I’ve just received the shoes and I can’t say I’ve ever experienced such a delightful feeling of comfort with loafers. They really have something special! Amicalement, C. H., Paris*NEW – FLORSHEIM “Royal” IMPERIAL Full Brogue, Circa 1985: 42.5Narrow

Morning Sevan, Shoes arrived today – superb fit. Love them. Consider me a very satisfied buyer! And thanks for the brushes and cream, a very nice extra. Now I just need to leave the house to actually wear them! Thanks, Mr. S.E., London:*Neuwertig – Vintage JOHN LOBB (London) BESPOKE Plain Front Derby: 44D/E

Dearest Sevan, I just received my shoes!! Thank you much! They are beyond spectacular and I cannot wait to wear them everywhere, including riding.  I feel lucky to be able to have gotten a pair of Kroop shoes, whose legacy of quality and beauty I so admire. I am presently on your website and looking at more. You really do a spectacular job! Mr. V.C., New York, N. Y.New=Custom-MadeKroop&Sons,ZipperJodhpurBoot:44.5D

Dear Sevan, Just taken delivery of the shoes, am in fact wearing them. Of the 3 pairs I have had from you these are the most outstanding not only in respect of leather quality and build craftsmanship but also in fit. They might have been made to measure, amazing. And with the original shoe bag too. How on earth do you come by these masterpieces? Thank you once again and best wishes.
MR. J. C. Kent; Neuwertig – Vintage FLORSHEIM “Royal” IMPERIAL SHELL CORDOVAN Full Brogue Derby: 42 WIDE

Be still my beating heart! The shoes have arrived and are without doubt the most beautiful, comfortable and well fitting pairs that I have owned! (And I thought I have a very decent collection of bench made shoes). They feel made for me. I particularly love the ‘cut’ of the Crockett Polo shoes, they hark back to the sort of low profile shape that you see on Fred Astaire.
Mr. A. S., London, *FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Shell Cordovan Full Brogue Budapester: 41.5D; *CROCKETT & JONES für POLO – Ralph Lauren, Full Brogue Oxford: 41.5D

I would like to congratulate you for your fast shipping of my last order, goods received, looking forward for the new year challenges, thanks very much.
Mr. J. M., Pretoria, South Africa, CHURCH’S “Custom Grade” RANCH OXHIDE Derby: 41.5D; Neuwertig ALLEN EDMONDS SHARKSKIN Spectator, Circa 1970: 41,5D

Dear Sevan, I appreciate your help and the New and Lingwood was absolutely fantastic, superb, remarkable and good.
I. K., Osaka City, Japan *NEW & LINGWOOD, Poulson, Skone, Special Order Russian Calf, Full Brogue Derby:41D

Cher Sevan, I have received the mustard Florsheim and I must say that “leur réputation n’a pas été volée”. A wonderful pair of shoes! I will reserved the next pair, that is the brown Florsheim and I would like you to reserve me the black Florsheim, now that I’ve just fallen in love with the vintage Imperial line.
L.H., Fontenay-le-Fleury *NEW – Mustard FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Full Brogue Derby Budapester, Circa 1980: 45D

The shoes arrived last week and they fit perfectly. I’m really impressed by their quality and equally impressed by the brilliant packaging. Thanks very much. I look forward to perusing your excellent site many times again.
Mr. R. D., Reading, Eng. *NEW – FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Scotch Grain Full Brogue Budapester, Cir.1980: 41WIDE

Hi Sevan, Thank you – I received the shoes last week. It is not often that reality exceeds expectations – but in this case that is so. The shoes ooze class and the quality of their construction is indeed a rarity today. I look forward to doing more business.
Mr. D. w., County Meath, Ireland. Neuwertig SUTOR MANTELLASSI Norvegese-GOISER Split-Toe: 47D

I received the shoes late yesterday. They are better than advertised. They fit me like a glove. I don’t think anyone could make that shoe at a cost that would be within many people’s price range. I will start watching for my next future purchase.
Mr. S. G.,Knoxville Historic Vintage FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL “Yuma”, Circa 1985: 44.5-45D

Dear Dr. Minasian, I got your shoes the other day. No customs charged. The shoes are beautiful. Thank you very much.
Mr. S. D., Tokyo, *Neuwertig – FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL “All Weather” Shell Cordovan Derby, 198o: 39-40D

Hi Sevan, Well I got back from Paris today and finally got to lay my hands on my Hanover shoes. They are, in a word, perfect. They fit perfectly and look even nicer than the photos on the website.
All the best,
D. L., Dianella, Western Australia, HANOVER (U.S.A.) Shell Cordovan Plain Front Derby, Circa 1980:42D

The veldtschoens arrived and to say that I am overwhelmed is a rare (for me!) understatement. Beautiful, perfect, exactly what I love about this design, quiet authority as expressed in superb craftsmanship with a profile that seems simple but which reveals its subtlety and nuances over time. I’d say poetry in leather, were it not so overused, so I’ll merely say genius in design.
Mr. S.H., Baltimore *NEW – VELDTSCHOEN Officer’s Dress Derby, Circa 1980: 44.5D

Dear Doc, die drei Schuhe sind angekommen, gefallen mir sehr, passen wie ueber meinen Leisten gezogen.
Freundliche Gruesse,
FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL “Guardsman”, Smooth Calf, Chukka Boot, Circa 1970:44D
*Fein Haifisch-Sharkskin ALLEN EDMONDS Full Brogue Budapester, Circa 1970: 44D

Dear Sevan, finally arrived! magnificent in leather, they fit like a glove. Best ever purchased.
Yours, E.B. Como Custom-Made GIANT SEA TURTLE/TORTOISE Norwegian, Circa 1960:41.5D

Salve Dr. Minasian, le Imperial Florsheim sono arrivate e sono bellissime. Mi auguro di poter trovare da lei quanto prima delle norwegians made in USA o made in England. Grazie e a presto.
C. R., Roma *Neuwertig FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Full Brogue Budapester: 41,5E

Dear Sevan, My beautiful Florsheim Budapesters arrived yesterday. They are even better than what I hoped. Perfect condition and absolutely resplendent. They evince the gravitas of America in its golden age. One can easily picture JFK wearing these shoes in the White House. I know my grandfather wore Florsheim Gunboats as a Washington DC lawyer in the 50s. This pair of shoes is everything that speaks to fine American craftsmanship. I could not be happier. Mein Deutsch ist nicht vey gut, aber, vielen, vielen dank fur ihre hilfe. Ich habe die schuhe. Und…Ich bin ein Budapester! Wieder, vielen dank. Sie sind ein echter Gentleman.
M. C., Pineville, Louisiana *NEW – FLORSHEIM IMPERIAL Full Brogue Budapester 42,5 C/D

Yes they Arrived this week and they are amazing. Thank you a lot for the good service and I will surely shop from you again.
A. S., Trosa, Sweden Neuwertig – GRENSON (für Barrie Ltd.) Jodhpur Boot: 42.5D.

A few words to confirm the good arrival of the Sutor Mantellassi loafers. Of course, they’re beautiful, and fit perfectly!
Thanks a lot,
Frohe Weinachten, A. B., Thimeon, Belgium *SUTOR MANTELLASSI Scotch-Grain Penny Loafer: 42,5D

Dear Dr. Minasian, Thanks for the wonderful Ed.Green Spectators. They arrived today and they look very beautiful and extraordinary. They do fit very well and will take place side by side to the other wonderful shoes. But first I have to wait ´til christmas – my wife will put them under the tree. Best regards, best wishes for Christmas.
A. B.,Neetze *Neuwertig EDWARD GREEN Full Brogue Oxford “Colonial” Spectator: 44D

Dear Mr. Minasian, The Seissen belt has arrived. It is even nicer than I presumed from your website.
With kind regards,
S. B, Amsterdam *SEISSER & CIE., München, Tan Cordovan -Horsehide- Belt, 38 Inch

Dear Sevan, I arrived in Stockholm yesterday. And there they were, shoes that you had shipped. They were indeed very nicely and professionally packed. The shoes were even move beautiful than the pictures of them you had published. I put them on immediately and they fitted very nicely. The first person I met wearing them was my tailor in Stockholm. He could not stop himself from saying “I must say you have very nice shoes”. I just want to thank you for this excellent pair of shoes, which I will certainly use very often. Yours sincerely,
A. F., Stockholm *CHURCH’S Royal Tweed Classic Jodhpur Boot: 44E

Good evening Sevan, …package arrived. Many thanks for your prompt delivery. They are in top condition and fit perfectly. I have to say, I really can not even begin to understand why anyone would give away such very fine shoes…Best Wishes,
M. S., Regensburg Neuwertig GRENSON / Cole-Haan Suede 6-Eyelet Cap-Toe Oxford: 43-43.5D

Dear friend Sevan, I writing you just to let you know that the boots have arrived today. I think that are the most beautiful boots I’ve ever seen. It’s a real pleasure to deal with you one more time. We will be I’m contact .
LEE KEE, Kowloon, BESPOKE Officer’s Field Boot: 44D

Dear Mr. Minasian, The Lobb bespoke golf shoes have just arrived. They are superb shoes, and they fit me like they were made especially for me. So it seems that “my last” must be somewhere in the archives of John Lobb. I just have to make call if I want new ones. But generally I like best what you describe as noble ruins. Shoes with a lot of history.
S.B., Amsterdam Bespoke JOHN LOBB Full Brogue GOLF Kiltie Derby, Circa 1965: 42.5 WIDE

Passen perfetto! Sehr schöner Schuh, Vielen Dank,
Dr. A. A. Wien. J. FENESTRIER (Paris) Polished Calf Norwegian: 41.5D/E

Dear Sevan, The shoes were delivered to my office yesterday, but I was in another city for court. I picked them up today, and they are uniformly beautiful! The Lauren boots, the kilties and the spectators were unanimous favorites. If it is possible, the shoes are all even more handsome than anticipated. I am very happy with their quality and condition.
Thank you again,
L.G. Esq., Lexington KY,
*NEW – CHURCH’S “Custom Grade”, Lizard Monk Strap, Circa 1985:41,5D Euro 780
Neuwertig – FOOTJOY LIZARD Monk Strap Kiltie Loafer, Circa 1980: 41,5D Euro 480
Vintage, Circa 1940, Spade Sole MASSAGIC “Ventilated” Spectators: 41.5D Euro 540
Fein FOOTJOY ALLIGATOR Tassel Loafer, Circa 1960: 41.5D Euro 750 BESPOKE FOSTER & SON Full Brogue Slip-On:41.5D-42C Euro 650
CROCKETT & JONES Suede Full Brogue All-Weather “Commando” Sole:41.5D Euro 340

Dear Mr. Minasian, after prolonged wear, I have to tell them simply, the boots are absolutely perfect. The previous owner, or principal to had probably like me, a high instep, so as for me made.
Thank you again.
H.-P. W., Villingendorf. Neuwertig LEE KEE Bespoke-Custom Made, Wellington Boot: 41,5D

Bonjour Monsieur, Je tiens -trop tardivement- à vous remercier de ces magnifiques souliers et de vos gentilles attentions sous forme de cirage et chaussettes.
F. M.,Nanterre, France, Vintage FLORSHEIM SHELL CORDOVAN SADDLE OXFORD, Circa 195o:44D

Dear Sevan, This is to inform you that I received the shoes today. The suede feels soft & beautiful to touch.
ALDEN Suede-Wildleder, ALL-WEATHER Sole NORWEGIAN: 44-44.5D

Dear Sevan, I have received the very nice Henry Maxwell double monkstraps. They do look much less strange than I feared, but on the contrary rather smart – and something different from the standard models – I used to have John Lobb black ones in the 1990’s now they are so common. They fit very well and I have given them some clean/softener and some black cream. I made extra holes in the straps and now use them for the first time in Bretagne for some days. They will certainly belong to my favorites. I have asked Henry Maxwell for some details about when they were made and if I get some reply I will forward it to you.  Best regards,
A. F.Brest, France, HENRY MAXWELL (Jermyn Street) BESPOKE Double Monk Strap:44D

Lieber Mr. Minasian, vielen Dank für dieses wunderschöne Paar Tasselloafer. Sie passen als wären sie nur für mich gemacht worden.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
M.Z., Berlin, NEW – HANOVER (U.S.A.) Wing-Tip Brogue Tassel Loafer, Circa 1980: 43-43.5D

Egregio Sig. Minasian, mi rallegro con lei per la magnifica collezione di scarpe classiche. Le scarpe two-tone che mi sono state riservate e che ho acquistato sono evocative dell’età d’oro dell’abbigliamento classico maschile da cui un gentluomo trova ispirazione di stile e di valori.
I miei migliori saluti,
C. R. Roma, Neuwertig American Two-Tone Norweger Spectator, Circa 1940:41,5 C/D

Good evening, Mr. Minasian, a few words to confirm the good arrival of my “new” ventilated black shoes.They are really beautiful, and –most important- fit perfectly !
Best regards,
A. B., Thimeon, Belgium., Antik THOM McAN Netzwerk “Ventilated” SPECTATOR: Circa 1945: 42D

Lieber Herr Minasian, Das Päckchen ist eingetroffen. Vielen Dank ! Die Schuhen passen prima und gefallen mir, wie ich es ahnte.
CROCKETT & JONES für POLO Suede Full Brogue Oxford:41.5D

Dear Dr Minasian, Just a quick note to say that the Ducker suede brogues have arrived and are a perfect fit, looking very elegant. Just the thing in the hot weather we are having at present, even here in Tasmania, with some lightweight trousers and a polo shirt.
S. H., Tasmania, Australia *Neuwertig DUCKER & SONS Suede Full Brogue Oxford:42,5E

Hi Sevan, just received the shoes. They fit perfectly and are absolutely beautiful!! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for these gems. They sit far above everything else I own! I’ll apply the cream often to keep them hydrated. These are shoes built to last a lifetime.
Thank you again!
D. D., Alpine, New Jersey. NEW – THE FLORSHEIM SHOE, “Royal Imperial”, Full Brogue, Circa 1980: 41.5 WIDE

Dear Sevan,
Well, it is about 6 O’clock in the morning of Sunday here. Yesterday, I got the surprise of the year… both the black brogue and plain Florsheims arrived together, and I received them in one go, what a beautiful day! Thanks to all of your prompt and fast shipping.

And you were right about the quality of these shoes! I have not seen such leathers, so soft yet strong in texture. When I look at the work done on the soles alone, I find it impossible to get the similar level of craft and hardwork in today’s RTW production. The attention to detail and finesse of the two pairs is well ahead of most of my shoes, and I am very happy to have been lucky to get them. The sizing is also very true and both pairs are a good fit and very very comfortable. I would look forward to getting more of these Imperials, off course.
Thank you so much, Sevan. Best regards,
N. A., Sharjah, U.A.E. *Florsheim Imperial Budapester Full-Brogue Derby: 42E , NEW – Vintage Florsheim Imperial Scotch Grain Plain Front Derby, Circa 1985: 42,5D

Dear Sevan!
The postman brought me the parcel yesterday afternoon!! Wauw! I had the “Florsheim” on, in the evening on my job! Me and my feet agreed in loving these shoes from the very first moment! They look great, and they feel great! This evening I have the ” Vass” on! Another “wauw”, great shoes too……. my first custom-made shoes! It feels that I have ordered these shoes made?? Tomorrow i will be wearing the last pair of the trio, and i am sure it will be a success , too.
E. F., Aarhus, Dänemark, Neu-New-Neuf John Lobb Wildleder-Suede Monk Strap: 46-46,5D,
*Florsheim Scotch Grain Cap-Toe Oxford, Circa 1970, 46D,
László Vass, HUNGARY, Bespoke Cap-Toe Oxford & Custom Trees: 46D

Dear Sevan,
I have just opened the parcel and am extremely thrilled by this pair of elegant and comfortable shoes. The Joshua Robsons are “extra special”, indeed.
Best wishes from Berlin,
T. O., Rare JOSHUA ROBSON, Bespoke Side Gusseted Slipper, Circa 1960: 42,5D

Cher Monsieur Minasian,
Les chaussures sont arrivées cet après-midi ; je les trouve parfaites et elles me vont très bien au pied . Je vous remercie encore et vous salue très cordialement.
Y. O., NEW – Vintage CORDWAINER-WRIGHT Spade Sole, Full-Brogue Oxford, Circa 1950: 43-43,5D

Hallo Herr Minasian, die Lottusse-Schuhe sind heute angekommen. Sie sind wirklich hervorragend verarbeitet, glänzen als seien sie aus Cordovan-Leder und sehen einfach fantastisch aus. Und das allerwichtigste: Sie passen mir genau! Zum Anziehen fast zu schade 😉 Ganz herzlichen Dank! Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute und werde Ihre Website weiter im Auge behalten.
Viele liebe Grüße,
F. G., Berlin NEW – LOTTUSSE Double Sole Cap-Toe Derby: 43-43,5D

Guten Abend Herr Dr. Minasian, ich habe gestern Ihre zwei Paar Schuhe erhalten. Sie hatten in der Tat Recht – beide sind in ihrer Art excellent und passen auch noch fast wie ein Maßschuh. Nochmals vielen Dank. Mit einem Gruß aus Stuttgart,
R.D., Neuwertig Haifisch-Sharkskin Stuart McGuire Full Brogue Oxford, Circa 1980: 41,5D
Neuwertig TAN Allen Edmonds “McAllister” Suede Full Brogue Oxford:41,5D

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Minasian, gerade eben kamen die Schuhe an und sie sind WUNDERSCHÖN. Vielen Dank und bis bald, ich kaufe niemehr woanders Schuhe! Gruß
G. W., München *Florsheim Imperial Shell Cordovan – Pferdeleder Full Brogue Budapester: 43-43,5E

Dear Sevan, The [Edward] Greens arrived yesterday. I do not know what to say. I am out of breath! They look fantastic and they fit as if they were made for me. Although I assume that I even could wear a 9.5E in them, they are just perfect! Please let me have a preview on the Greens that might come up in the future.
Best regards from Essen,
*Edward Green 5-Eyelet Wing Tip Oxfords “Beaulieu” & Trees: 44D

Dear Dr. Sevan Minasian, My Shoes arrived today! Yesterday I was too impatient when I asked you for sending my shoes, now they are already there. And what kind of shoes : they fit very well and they are very deep red and black polished and my first steps ….very nice … I am very pleased you advised my to choose the Oxford Saddle shoes. Thank you very much for your service and good deliverance of my shoes.
With kind regards,
S. de J., Utrecht Florsheim Antique Two-Tone Shell Cordovan Saddle Oxford, Circa 1950: 40,5D-41C

Lieber Herr Minasian,
ich hoffe, Ihnen auf Reisen keine Unannehmlichkeiten bereitet zu haben. Ihre Seite ist für mich wie ein wärmendes Schaufenster im weiten Internet, zu dem man hin und wieder gerne geht, um sich an den ausgestellten Dingen und ihrer liebevollen Präsentation zu erfreuen. Selten genug tritt man, bildlich gesprochen, in den kleinen Laden ein, doch dieses Mal erschien die Gelegenheit so günstig, dass es beim bloßen Schaufensterbummel nicht bleiben konnte. Ich stimme vollkommen mit Ihnen in der Notwendigkeit überein, ein Paar Schuhe dieses Typs besitzen zu sollen und danke Ihnen für diesen Lustkauf. Den Betrag habe ich soeben überwiesen.
Mit herzlichen Grüßen,
T. R., Bad Neuenahr, wegen: Neuwertig Wildleder Crockett & Jones / Peal & Co. Halb-Brogue: 44,5D

Lieber Herr Dr. Minasian,
wie recht Sie hatten: Das Paar ist wunderbar!
Das Paket kam heute an und seither trage ich die neuen Schuhe. Meine Befürchtungen hatten Sie ja schon zerstreut, aber Sie hatten auch nicht untertrieben: Besser als neu!
Recht herzlichen Dank,
J. S., München, wegen: Black Shell Cordovan, Florsheim Imperial Full Brogue Budapester (Derby), Circa 1980:42E

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Minasian,
die Jodhpurs sind angekommen und wie immer, in hervorragender Qualität! Der Schnitt und Stil beeindruckt mich sehr. Vielen Dank für Ihre Auswahl.
Schöne Grüße sendet Ihnen,
H.P. W.,Villingdorf, wegen: Neuwertig Crockett & Jones – Polo Full Strap Jodhpur Boot / Stiefel: 41,5D

Cher Sevan, I have to thank your this great pair of shoes, that arrived this morning. They fit me well and they look really new! Merci aussi pour le cirage et les chaussettes, c’est très gentil de votre part.
A très bientôt j’espère,
T. B., Paris, regardent: Florsheim Imperial Scotch Grain Plain Front Derby (Blucher): 40-40,5E

Dear Sevan,
I received your parcel yesterday. I still have difficulty in finding the proper words to describe how nice the shoes are and how happy I was when yesterday I eagerly tried them on! The Church’s are so nice and soft that I can wear them without any particular inconvenience (notwithstanding I usually wear 8G and not 8E of the current production). And what a shade of brown! The Florsheim Imperial are really astonishing. I’ve never owned a pair of shoes like that! Workmanship and quality mixed together to create what you properly call a “gift from the gods”.
Someone cannot really trust you and understand your words (when describing the various shoes on the website) until he has had the “beauties” at his feet. I am really lucky to have discovered your website (and sincerely hope to meet you in person one day) and to have tested your courtesy, kindness and love for the shoes.
Now I am ready for my Christmas present: the “Executive Imperial”. and a pair of “Florsheim Imperial Scotch Grain Plain Front Derby “….
Thank you very much again for the shoes.
Yours sincerely,
M. S., Roma, regarding: NEW Vintage Full Brogue Oxford by “Executive Imperial”, Circa 1950, 42E ,

Lieber Herr Minasian,
ich bin wieder einmal auf der Suche nach Schuhen und immer noch begeistert von den Florsheims, die Sie mir verkauft haben. Haben Sie die Schuhe, die Sie mir verkauft haben, vielleicht noch im Kopf? Wenn das jetzt ein anderes Braun ist, würde ich die Schuhe gleich haben wollen.
Ich verbleibe, harrend auf Ihre werte Antwort, mit ganz freundlichen Grüßen,
Ihr A. M., Gröbenzell wegen: *Neuwertig Florsheim Imperial Full Brogue Budapester: 44,5D

Dear Sevan,
I feel Sevan that your communication is so good that I am able to express my views without offending. You might think as a new customer I am being a little outspoken but at the risk of upsetting I will say my piece.
Your shoes, per se are quite expensive; given time they can be found cheaper. Please do not misinterpret this. I do not begrudge paying for someones knowledge and experience; it always has a cost and in my opinion rightly so.
I believe in taking advantage of your expertise and maximising it to the full. It is in both our interests that you get it right. So far it has been a pleasure to do business with you and wonderfully uplifting to find someone that still offers a service and cares about what they do.
It is for this reason that I put myself completely in your hands, after all, I am paying for the privilege. I have absolute faith that you always do your utmost to ensure that your customers receive the best merchandise possible. Lets face it, you wouldn’t last long in business otherwise.
I hope my sincerity hasn’t offended. May our partnership last for many years to come.
Best regards,
Dr. M. K., West Yorkshire, regarding; Florsheim Imperial Full Brogue Derby Budapester: 47D

Dear Sevan, Meist ist es so, dass die Fotos schöner sind als die Ware. Hier ist es genau umgekehrt, und ich darf Ihnen ganz herzlich dafür danken. Wore the Asprey/Edward Green shoes at the office today, what a great pleasure! I think they might be my best shoes of them all (exiting to see if the Florsheims can beat them). The Asprey suedes are quite flexible and light, funny thing to notice, but that they do not make near as much noise as e.g. my Ludwig Reiter Cordovans when walking at the office. Another thing is the length; they are a mere 2 cm longer than my Ed Meier Suedes! I must confess that the Ed Meiers faint when compared with the Aspreys, it’s like drinking wine; when you have tasted the good ones you really don’t feel any urge to drink the ones you drank before. I haven’t regretted that I bought the Ed Meier Suedes, though, they are perfect for the Scandinavian Spring and Fall and even in the Summer if it gets cold and wet.
I am really looking forward to receiving the Florsheim Cordovans, can’t wait….Best,
M.S.B., Risskov, Denmark, wegen:*NEW-NEU Edward Green / Asprey Suede Full Brogue Oxford: 46D/E (1 of 3 purchases)

Dr. Minasian, thank you! You are remarkable in your knowledge and I truly appreciate your time. (I am trying to learn as much as I can about men’s footwear but these boots stumped me!) Your comments are sincerely appreciated. I often visit your website to look at your exquisite inventory and read about the makers. Just superb in every way.
Thank you again.
Very Best Regards,
(Frau) P. E., USA

Sehr geehrter, lieber Herr Dr. Minasian,
Diese wunderbaren Schuhe sind heute pünktlich bei mir eingetroffen und passen gemäß Ihrer Einschätzung perfekt. Sie kamen in einem ausgezeichnetem Zustand bei mir an. Trotzdem habe ich mir die Freude gegönnt, ihnen eine weitere Wasserpolitur angedeihen zu lassen. Ein blendender Eindruck!
Ich würde mich freuen auch zukünftig bei Ihnen ausgezeichnete Schuhe erwerben zu können und werde Ihre Seite weiter regelmäßig besuchen und beobachten.
Gott befohlen,
J. H. Harra, wegen, *The Florsheim Shoe, Full Brogue Wing-Tip: 43-43,5 Breit

Dear Dr. Minasian, Buying from you and communicating with you is almost the same pleasure. It´s fascinating to have such a gentleman on the other side of the net. It is very interesting for me to read about the shoes you sell and to learn from your knowledge. Since a while ago I had a “faible” for shoes but not a too deep knowledge about all kinds of manufacturers and styles. But after I found your website I found an absolutely fascinating combination of styles of shoes and knowledge. And in addition it is very delighting to read because you can feel the enthusiasm for shoes in the words you write.
Yours, A. S., München, wegen *Shell Cordovan Oxfords von Carmina – José Albaladeho Pujadas:42,5D

Lieber Herr Dr. Minasian,
die Footjoys sind wohlbehalten bei mir eingetroffen und passen dank Ihrer sachkundigen Größenempfehlung ausgezeichnet. Ein wirklich toller Schuh in beispielhaftem Erhaltungszustand und im Hinblick auf Verarbeitung und Lederart eine regelrechte Kostbarkeit, die aus bekannten Gründen auch selten bleiben wird. Diesem Paar Schuhe auf der Straße nochmals zu begegnen dürfte wohl – dankenswerterweise – außerordentlich schwierig werden.
Das war – da bin ich mir mal wieder sicher- bestimmt noch nicht das letzte mal. Ein herzliches Dankeschön nochmals von meiner Seite und die besten Wünsche für Sie.
Freundliche Grüße,
Ihr Dr. M. S. Aachen, wegen *FootJoy Custom Eidechsenleder – Lizard Full Brogue: 42,5-43D

Sehr geehrter, lieber Herr Dr. Minasian,
ich möchte Ihnen von ganzem Herzen danken für diese wunderbaren „Lee Kee“ Schuhe, wirklich eine Kostbarkeit. Sie sitzen sehr gut in der Länge und Weite, der Rist ist etwas knapper ausgefallen, ich denke der Vorbesitzer hatte einen flachen Rist. Aber durch die Dreier-Schnürung kein Problem. Ob ich die diese feine Arbeit überhaupt tragen werde? Ich weiß es nicht. Ich kann mich an der Arbeit nicht satt sehen. Das Leder hat eine Weichheit, die Nähte eine feine Gleichmäßigkeit, ein Gedicht. Nochmals vielen, vielen Dank. Die „Alden“ sind sehr bequem, der ideale Alltagschuh, wirklich eine sehr gute Empfehlung von Ihnen. Vielen Dank für die vielen Geschenke, das war wie ein zweites Weihnachten. Der Schal passt wunderbar zu meinem Kamelhaarmantel. Es ist ein schönes Gefühl, wenn Menschen der Sinn für Schönes und Seltenes verbindet.
Ps.: Eine Empfehlung oder Information von Ihnen ist immer willkommen.
Herzliche Grüsse sendet Ihnen
Ihr Hans-Peter W., Villingendorf regarding his 24th purchase.

The shoes are here – so lovely and they fit “as a hand in a glove” if one can use that expression when it comes to feet and shoes. I do not even know if the expression exists in English? They are even nicer than I had imagined. Vielen, vielen dank.
Ingemar G, Stockholm,
Alden -Brooks Shell Cordovan Pferdeleder Monk 41,5 E,
Cesare Firrao Custom Made Cap-Toe Brogue Oxford 42 D/E,
Joseph Fenestrier, Paris, since 1895, Norwegian 42 E

Guido T., Milano wegen Bostonian “Vintage” Shell Cordovan Saddle Oxford 42,5 D, his 6th purchase.

Lieber Herr Minasian, herzlichen Dank für die “Beilagen”. Die Schuhe sind absolut begeisternd. Herzlichen Dank. Ihnen ein schönes Wochenende. Warm regards,
Dr. Walter K., Goslar, wegen Neuwertig Florsheim Imperial Budapester FullBrogue 42EE

Dear med-usf
Guten Abend, vielen vielen Herzlichen Dank für die wunderbaren Schuhe und die Extras die Sie mir noch dazu gegeben haben. Bin wirklich begeistert von den Schuhen und bedanke mich nochmals für den guten Preis und die gute Kommunikation. Werde mit Sicherheit öfter, bei Ihnen etwas kaufen und Sie auf alle Fälle weiterempfehlen. Wünsche noch einen schönen Abend und schöne Grüße aus Wien,
Michael K., Austria, wegen *Church’s Alligator / Crocodile Monk Strap 43-43,5 D

Hallo Herr Dr. Minasian,
die Schuhe sind soeben eingetroffen. Vielen Dank für die Lieferung und die Beilagen. Die Schuhe sind supertoll besser habe ich sie mir nicht vorstellen können. Bis zum nächsten Mal verbleibe ich mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Edewecht.
Hansgert B., Edewscheid, wegen Allen Edmonds Cordovan Pferdeleder Full Brogue 45,5E

Cher Monsieur Minasian,
Bien reçu la paire de Crockett Jones que je vous avais achetée. Elles sont superbes.
Yann T., Brest, France, Crockett & Jones / Barbour Half Brogue Field Boot 42DE

Ich wollte Ihnen noch kurz zurückmelden: Die Schuhe sind bei mir eingetroffen! Ganz wunderbar. Meinen herzlichen Dank für die wundervollen Schuhe und die reibungslose Abwicklung! Ich werde Ihre Angebote auf ebay auch in Zukunft im Auge behalten. Mit den besten Grüßen,
Amadeus R., Schorndorf, wegen Florsheim Imperial Shell Cordovan “Wholecut” Derby 46D

Hallo Herr Minasian,
Pertfekt!!!! Ein wunderbarer Schuh! Sie haben 100 % Recht. Er ist noch schöner als das erste Paar! Im Übrigen Vielen Dank für die sehr sehr angenehme Abwicklung! Besser kann man sichs nicht vorstellen! Ich werde Ihnen treu bleiben! Bis dahin Viele Grüße aus München.
Alex S., wegen Florsheim Imperial Chukka Boot Stiefelette 41,5 E

Hello Dr. Minasian,
I have transferred the sum of E 266,20 to your account today. This is the sixth pair I have gotten from you starting in 2004 and I hope that they will fit as well as all the others. I now have a black, brown and cordovan Florsheim Imperial Full Brogue Budapester and a cordovan with the plain front, you are calling this the wholecut, also sometime very nice to wear. Are there any other colors in the Full Brogue or wholecut shoe? A light brown or tan would be very nice. Please write to me if you find one in my size.
Beste Grüsse,
E. A., Freising, wegen Florsheim Imperial Full Brogue Budapester 44,5D

Guten Abend Herr Dr. Minasian,
der Schuh ist gut angekommen, besonders bei “Monsieur”, er meint der Schuh sei mindestens so bequem wie seine Church´s und Ed Meiers. Ich komme daher gerne auf ihr Angebot der Tassel Loafers zurück. Wenn Sie mir sagen, dass der Schuh gut erhalten ist und keine Mängel aufweist, wäre ich gerne bereit Ihnen die — Euro zu überweisen. Ich bitte noch einmal um Ihre Bestätigung, dass Sie mir den Schuh noch zur Verfügung stellen können.
Vielen Dank
Frau Elena D., Witten, wegen Alden Shell Cordovan Wing-Tip Full Brogue Monk 46-46,5D

Greetings Dr. Minasian,
Thanks. I could find your new listings, and enjoyed so much. All of you new list are too attractive to pick some of them. The first 2 shoes arrived with no trouble with Japanese customs, thank you. These shoes you send me are most suitable to my primary requirement and size is correct for me. I eagerly hope to see your residual suggestions, too. Please send a pictures of each of them Peal & Co, Florsheim Co, and John Lobb in my size you know. Thank you for nice shoes. I look forward to hear from you very soon. Best regards,
Tanaka I., Nagasaki, Japan, wegen George Cleverley Monk Strap Norweger 41,5 D (Euro 680), John Lobb Jodhpur Boot 41,5 E (Euro 625)

My dear Sevan,
My 10th shoes coming from you and that is a riding boot! Geee… I like that 🙂 Good to hear your business is going well so I hope I can be a customer for a long time to come and supply doesn’t end.)… ..Speaking to all the Central Banks around the world from Afghanistan to Chile is great fun…Really looking forward to those great pair of boots!! Must be a magnum opus!!!
Christian H., Frankfurt, wegen Antique Custom Dehner Bal-Laced Patrol Boots (Euro 500)

Hallo Herr Dr. Minasian,
gestern sind die Schuhe angekommen, vielen Dank auch für die Zugaben. Sie gefallen mir sehr gut und passen vor allen dingen an meine Füße, als wären sie für diese gemacht worden. Sollten Sie, in gleicher Größe ein Paar in schwarz finden, so würde ich diese bei gleicher Preislage auch kaufen. Ich freue mich von Ihnen zu hören.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Arnulf K., Zurich, wegen *NEUWERTIG Allen Edmonds Wildleder Full Brogue 45,5 EE

Lieber Dr. Minasian,
in der Begeisterung für die Schuhe muß ich Ihnen wirklich noch einmal danken. Sie haben Recht, so schönes Leder sieht man selten. Für die Socken danke ich ebenfalls. Wenn Sie mal wieder ein schönes Paar Schuhe in größe 44,5 anbieten, würde ich mich über eine Benachrichtigung freuen, da ich normalerweise nicht bei E-Buy nachgucke.
Mit herzlichem Gruß,
Peter Graf von I., München, wegen Shell Cordovan Saddle Oxford von Hanover.

Good evening Mr. Minasian,
Late last night I returned home from an exhausting trip… …I was most pleasantly surprised to find your package. My pleasure was greatly increased when I opened the box and found the treasures that lay within. The Florsheim shoes are spectacular and they fit as though they were constructed for no other foot than mine! The Lobb pair are a little too tight for my foot and the strap is a little too short for my high arch but these shoes are too exquisite (as you well know) for me to return. I have developed sufficient skill… …to widen the shoes the necessary amount and a new hole punched in the strap will solve the other issue. Please know that I most pleased with this purchase and I am most thankful to you for your part in finding these shoes their new home. So let us now turn to the new options. I am tempted, without any further discussion, to order the black Norwegian Florsheim shark shoes. I only hesitate because the Allen Edmonds brogue sharks in black may be a better acquisition – for direction I will rely on your advice. I would also appreciate your words on the AE brown sharkskin shoes.
Thanks again, and kindest regards,
Eric B., Yellowknife, Canada, wegen Florsheim Imperial Full Brogue Budapester (Euro 380)und John Lobb Bespoke Shell Cordovan Full Brogue Monk Strap (Euro 1350)

Hallo Mr. Minasian,
received my new old shoes today. You were right with the size, may be my best fitting shoes till now. Thank you for the additional item and Gruß aus Darmstadt,
Erich V., Darmstadt, wegen Allen Edmonds Plain Cap-Toe Oxford 42,5 E

Lieber Herr Minasian,
zwar etwas verspätet, möchte ich Ihnen doch noch eine Rückmeldung geben. Die Schuhe sind Spitze. Es war wie immer eine Freude, mit Ihnen so unproblematisch zu kommunizieren. Ich wünsche Ihnen ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2009, Gesundheit, Beste Grüsse
Lothar S., Greifswald, wegen Edward Green Monk Strap Euro 440,
Florsheim Imperial Spectator Norweger Euro 690, Footjoy Eidechse Golfschuhe Euro 1.066 [6 pairs purchased to date]

Dear Sevan!
We just came back from Cannes. Missed your restaurant list but fortunately ate well nevertheless. I found the shoes and tried them on. Excellente! 44,5 / 45 EE. It is so important to have the right size. This is my cup of tea.
Dr. Rodrick C., Lindenlaan, Holland, wegen Allen Edmonds full Brogue 44,5-45 EE

Guten Abend Herr Minasian,
ich habe die Schuhe heute erhalten. Vielen Dank für den überaus schnellen Versand. ES handelt sich wie versprochen um wundervolle Schuhe in hervorragendem Zustand, die mir ausgezeichnet passen. Mal sehen, was ich mir später noch aus Ihrem Angebot leisten werde. Ich habe Sie jedenfalls im eBay zu meinen bevorzugten Verkäufern hinzugefügt. Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Rüdiger D. v. H., Falkensee, wegen Neuwertig Florsheim Imp Budapester Full-Brogue 44,5 C

Lieber Herr Dr. Minasian,
die Schuhe sind soeben angekommen. Vielen Dank! Sie sind sehr schön und passen. Nun kann die nächste Motorrad-Tour starten. Im November fahren wir übrigens (auch mit diesen Schuhen) auf dem Motorrad durch die USA, also back home for the shoes.
Best wishes to you,
Michael, wegen, Military Specification Field Boot / Stiefel 45 D

Dear Dr. Minasin,
The Brahma Bull Boots arrived safely today and fit perfectly. You were right about the half size larger fit. I will order only 43,5 from now on. The wider E width is very comfortable even with a heavy sock…absolutely the most comfortable boot for me now. Do you have any advice about adding a rubber sole over the leather? I want these boot to last as long as possible. They are beautiful.
Armin K., Berlin, wegen Brahma Bull Field Boot Stiefel 43,5 E

Hallo Herr Minasian,
Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung meiner Schuhe, habe sie am 20.12.08 erhalten. Sehr schöne Schuhe. Trage sie zurzeit ein, wobei die Passform mit jedem Tag besser wird. Ich bedanke mich auch für das nette Geschenk welches Sie mir freundlicherweise mitgeliefert haben. Ich hätte zu diesem Schuh (Allen Edmonds „LEEDS“ Shell Cordovan) noch eine Frage. Gibt es dieses Modell auch in der Farbe Cognac antik (mittelbraun antik)? Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Andreas S., Ahaus, wegen Allen Edmonds Shell Cordovan Pferdeleder “Leeds” 41D