*NEW-NEU EDWARD GREEN / Asprey Suede Full Brogue Oxford: 46D/E

SOLD to Hr. M. S. C., Dänemark
  • Edward Green
    Brown Suede Full Wing Tip Oxford Brogue

    My British and American clients used to shopping in the rarified atmosphere of London’s Mayfair district or New York’s 5th Avenue will have long been aware of Asprey, of 169 New Bond Street, London’s oldest and most prestigious luxury store (some say in the world). Asprey traces its roots to the year 1781. Present in New York since 1983, and since 2001 under the leadership of Gianluca Brozzetti, former President of Louis Vuitton, Asprey has added shoes and clothing to its traditional lines of jewelry, silverware, watches, antique & modern sporting guns, antiquarian books and stratospherically priced leather goods and luggage, such as alligator suitcases. Asprey today advertises itself as epitomizing what they are pleased to call “the Ultimate Authentic British Luxury Lifestyle”. They hardly exaggerate.

    The present pair of shoes made to Asprey’s specifications by Edward Green is, simply stated, exquisite, superior even to Edward Green’s already fine ready-mades and a wide improvement upon Lobb’s. This pair of Suede Oxfords is certainly among the best ready-made shoes to come from England. I have never seen a storm welted shoe of such delicacy; not that anyone would ever wear such a shoe in a storm. The storm welt (or split reverse welt, as it is also known) is folded over upon itself and perforated. This treatment is unique in my experience and nothing less than a tour-de-force of the shoemaker’s art, a final fillip intended to take every opportunity to add richness to this magnificent shoe. The quality of the suede is on a par with Church’s fine Cape Buck Suede Brogue the traditional contender in this field, but built on Edward Green’s shapelier last, without resorting to Corthay’s frankly exaggerated or Berluti’s often downright dandified toe boxes. All this formed upon a channeled and skived (concealed) hand-sewn Goodyear welt as in a custom-made shoe. This is undoubtedly the best made, the most luxurious and the loveliest Suede Full Wing Tip Oxford Brogue I have seen in 20 years.

    About the model: The Suede Brogue is one of the perhaps dozen most basic gentleman’s shoes and has a prominent palace in every collection. It is the daytime casual and also the business-shoe-of-choice for the London “City” (financial district) gentleman. Traditionally, black is not worn before 18:00 hours, thus the Brown Suede is perfectly suitable, indeed quite sophisticated, with your gray pin or chalk-striped suit or other business wear. Of course also perfect with a blue blazer and flannel “bags”, not to mention any casual dress; kakis, tweeds, checks, corduroys or any earth-tones suitings. I am personally a great fan of suede and I find the Full Brogue in suede at once dressy and relaxed, a shoe, to be sure, in the English taste and one that absolutely distinguishes the wearer. Moreover, this is the kind of shoe that, in this highest of quality calfskin suede, requires no more than a quick brushing when dry, to be clean and fit to wear again. My old clients know what I mean when I say “my personal recommendation on this shoe”.

    Size Details:

    UK 11E.....US 12D.....Continental 46D, for the medium width foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    New and unworn.

  • Der Wildleder Schuh, der Blucher, Brogue oder Monk ist DER Tagesschuh und ebenfalls DER Business-Schuh fuer den Londoner City-Gentleman im Financial District. Traditionell traegt man Schwarz nicht vor 18.00 Uhr, so dass dieser Schuh perfektest geeignet ist, unbedingt aber ist er etwas sehr Aussergewoehnliches zu Ihrem grauen Nadelstreifen oder Ihrer anderen Business-Garderobe. Natuerlich ebenfalls perfekt zu Ihrem Blue Blazer, Ihren Flannel-Hosen und selbstverstaendlich auch zu Ihrer saloppen Garderobe wie Jeans u.s.w. Wildleder von hoher Qualitaet ist genauso undurchlaessig fuer Regen wie alle glatten Leder und wesentlich leichter zu pflegen; ein schnelles Buersten nach dem Trocknen ist der Trick.

    Purchased in New York for $1450 + tax. Auctioned here, new and unworn, with its original, custom-fitted Asprey Shoe Trees, new Flannel Travel Bags and two pairs of matching Designer Socks.

    Eine Kollektion weiterer außergewöhnlicher Schuhe der feinsten Firmen weltweit beispielsweise Edward Green, Weston, John Lobb, Crockett & Jones, Florsheim, Alden, Allen Edmonds und die Firma Peal & Co. finden Sie unter meinen weiteren Seiten. Ausser meiner umfangreichen Sammlung von Monk Straps, Oxfords, Budapester und Brogues, finden Sie weiterhin eine besondere Auswahl von ausserst luxurioesen und exotischen Leder-Schuhen, vor allem aus Alligatoren-und Eidechsen-Leder! Ebenfalls finden Sie Shell-Cordovans und einige, sehr spezielle Angebote in meinem Website.

  • Si vous êtes intéressé par les plus grandes références dans le domaine de la chaussure de luxe pour homme de fabrication artisanale, par les noms des ateliers les plus traditionnels, et, en particulier, l’exceptionnel – mais en France trop peu connu – bottiers américains, n’hésitez pas à consulter mes autres enchères. Etant donné que les textes y figurant sont pour la plupart rédigés en anglais ou en allemand, je répondrais volontiers de manière plus détaillée à vos questions en français, en vous demandant de montrer de l’indulgence pour mon français approximatif.


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