*Important Historical Special Order FREEMAN GOISER, Circa 1940:43-43.5 Narrow


    Special Order
    Calfskin Derby
    Hand-Sewn Double Sole – Goiser/Norwegian Construction
    Circa 1940

    Euro 1800

    True Norwegian (or “Goiser”, from the Austrian mountain region of that name) construction is the most complicated construction in shoemaking, utilizing a twice-sewn “split reverse welt”, employed for it water-repellent properties. Along with another by Florsheim, this particular Derby is the single most intricately made shoe that I have ever seen to originate from American workrooms in the 20th century and my own half-century of collecting. It may be called “one-of-a-kind” without fear of exaggeration. It is an uncontested museum-piece (were there a museum to display the greatest examples of American hand-craft). Made to special order in the 1940’s, this shoe is exceptional in a number of respects even beyond the hand-sewn 360 degree Norwegian welting. Notice the hand-top-stitched split reverse welt….I have never seen another such treatment. See the interlacing at the margin of the toe caps and at the heel caps… I have never seen this detail before, not anywhere. This is among the most unusual, attractive and collectable of relics of American shoemaking since its inception. Suitable for the advanced collector.

    Size Details:

    US 10 Narrow.......UK 9 Narrow……Continental 43-43.5, for the NARROW foot.

    Shoe Condition:

    All original, lightly worn, a few trivial marks, otherwise perfect.

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